Impressive? We see

I got off at 5!!! And didn’t get home til 7!!! 🤨 it’s now almost 8:30! … ugh the highways were parking lots 😝😑 I hate that!!!!!

Funny thing though… my driving song came on the radio during that… that kinda made me laugh… this is my driving song…

Lol… I hadn’t heard that in a long time and was just funny as I was sitting there – that came on!!! Yes!!! Totally play my driving song 😄✌️

It was once in a lifetime during corona – I had all highways to myself ❤️❤️❤️ was incredible … I heard angels sing when I drove those highways – I had them all to myself… totally once in a lifetime type thing!!

Now it’s back to normal, crashes, people weaving, being crazy drivers, using the carpool lane with only one driver… slow people in the fast lanes … Oh my god!

It was a complete parking lot… and I have to take 4 highways home from this place!! Capitol City Freeway, Business 80… to 80… and then my mountain highway … Ugh!! During rush hour on a weekday that sucks!!!!

Yeah, play my driving song!!! …put that on repeat please lol

I have a lot of hours this week… 👏👏👏… I have that call tmrw – but I’m pretty situated thankfully. So I think will be fine. 🙏 Tmrw 10am.

Today I was only supposed to work until maybe after lunch, but she was stressing and asked me to stay… I said if manager say ok… and I think she just assumed since my manager say they can “share” me… that she is under the impression she can have me anytime she wants…

Which is fine with me… but again clear that. She didn’t so the lady is having a umm?? Zoom meeting? And is video…

I was not aware lol… my district manager text me and say… have you been there all day?

I said yeah, I am still here

And she says I know, I can see you 😳😮😮 Lol Oh my god! I don’t wanna be on camera lol … I don’t care who with. I left the room after that cause nope! Lol

But anyway she was ok, but the lady did not tell her she was keeping me all day. Ugh these people and their communication!

This woman just lost her staff 😮 one went to a cemetery… and I’m not sure about the others?

I listen to things … you don’t think I listen but I do…

Remember the first time I went to pick up the keys and the alarm code from this place and I knew that one guy?

Well while I was waiting for her – he was talking to me… telling me she doesn’t like him and plays favorites blah blah blah (she seemed totally fine to me today?)

And then he tell me he was late and she get mad. I just listen – I don’t say anything, just listen.

Whatever … you know, people bitch, you take with a grain of salt. I don’t know anything about these people yet lol…

But then today I hear her talking to ?? Someone ??… and she was complaining about him… always being late, like really late when she counts on him… when you have services you CAN NOT be late!!

And then I heard her say she told him something and he claims he didn’t hear her… and that his hearing is going lol

But then she tells the person … he has no money, and can’t go down to the clinic to have his ears checked and corrected – but yet is all excited cause he got Botox 😮

Oh my god! She was sitting right next to me while I was working, was hard not to listen!! I didn’t on purpose

And I guess you learn about people that way? I am getting quite the education lol

He is animated, not that it matters but he is gay… not flamboyant or anything… he carries well. Has a good presence in this business. He is personable and funny. (But they all are)

The woman I worked with today… she was personable and friendly… not too funny but she was stressed so that can weigh on you.

She is the only one handling like 10 different funerals back to back 😮 and more keep coming in!!

Anyway… it was me, another girl, and the woman … the other girl was younger than my son lol … she was only 23

When I told them I had a 26 year old they both said… Oh my god! I thought you were in your 20’s lol … yeah no… been there done that lol

Looks are deceiving … I only look young. Don’t judge a book, by the cover – ya know? Lol

It is also hot today … only 95 🤨 … I hate using the word “only” in front of temperatures I know are still hot!!! But at least is not over 100!

So anyway… she is going to have to talk to my district manager because she completely wants to share me at will 😮… Saturday’s have been approved … and the district manager asked me to do today … so was approved but she didn’t know this woman was going to keep me all day.

And I think she wants to pull me in to help during the week on occasion. ?? So they need to discuss that.

But I am happy about all the extra hours and learning so much about so many different places…

I can not wait to see the big one 😮😮😮 the way they ALL talk about it 😮😮😮 they say it will blow my mind 😮😮 show me, show me!!! I wanna see!!!

They say it’s spectacular … I hope this isn’t a case where it gets built up in my mind because of how they speak about it … and then I get there and am not impressed lol 😄✌️ we shall see … I may not be impressed like they are?

I like character … I’m not looking at grandeur really ??

I didn’t look at any photos but I did look up the year it started and was 1966 which is fairly new 🤨 … California people think that’s old … sometimes I will ask someone about their house and they will tell me is old and is not.. if it was built after 1920 – it is not old!!!

Come back to me when you have something from the turn of the century or before…

In Massachusetts we had houses still standing and still beautiful from the 1700’s 😮… so yeah 1966 – not old at all… that’s shiny and new-ish … knowing that and hearing how they speak of it… hmm 🤔… not too sure I will be impressed

But I’m still dying to see

I searched what funeral home is oldest … and I found a privately operated one that began in 1869!!! Privately owned and operated (is not within my “connections”)

I would like to see THAT one!! I bet that one is incredible ??

But whatever. 1966 is nothin! Lol that’s a baby still… even mine is older!!

Mine is 1942… and the ugly office walls one is 1932… and the haunted mansion is 1903…

Haunted mansion – 1903 impresses me. So show me what you got lol

So I’m not sure if 1966 can impress me? We’ll see ✌️

I know some of you are in countries that would blow my mind with the structures and the ages… I know this. I would be in awe!! Completely … jaw on the floor. I have no doubt with that.

But this is America – compared to you, we are still new. Maybe date back to 1600’s in New England but I haven’t seen older than that here, unless Native American.

Oh yeah and the young girl I worked with today… we were talking about burials and she tell me she is Indian … ok … but then she starts talking about tribal stuff lol … and I said ohhhh American Indian lol 😄😄 alright gotcha now… she was half American Indian and Mexican.

I was thinking Indian from India 🇮🇳 … not American Indian – ie Native American … normally to be politically correct we never call Native Americans “Indians” … not since I was a kid!!

And in school when you sit on the floor and cross your legs – as a kid, I knew that as “indian style” (after native Americans) … that evidentially is not allowed anymore … cause I said to my daughter one day just really quick not thinking what else to call it – just sit indian style…

She told me… “Mum!!! your not allowed to say that anymore” 😮😳

Ok .. what do I call it then? And she says “cross cross applesauce” 🤨 that is horrible and too many weird words!! Just sit your butt down then lol

Just kinda took me back… I hadn’t heard someone refer to native Americans as “Indians” in YEARS.

Anyway… I’m off to go eat and read a little before it gets too late.

Gnite 😘✌️

5 thoughts on “Impressive? We see

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  1. “Cross legged”. I’ve also not heard someone call themself just “Indian” in many years.

    Sorry to read about the traffic i haven’t been on a freeway since Feb, or earlier, and was hoping traffic was still tolerable. There goes that fantasy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohhh that’s perfect!!! I will say that! 🥰

      Yeah sorry to burst the fantasy – it’s back to normal on the highways… but I will say most are wearing masks now… and is required inside anywhere by staff and by those entering. If you do not have mask, one is provided for you… pretty much everywhere around here.

      I still see some risking but many are masking it up 😷


      1. I was hoping traffic was at least lighter because I’ve contemplated looking for jobs with long commutes. I guess that’s off. Better that I learned before wasting everyone’s time!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah – that’s a thought I have had about these jobs… because of gas and wear and tear on car too. I have an old car.

        The traffic on weekends is no problem… way lighter!! Weekdays is seemingly back to normal, up here at least.

        Sometimes I am ahead of the game and will plan, if I know there will be traffic… I just didn’t think I be in that mess… didn’t expect to stay as long, and hit rush hour. Otherwise I would have just taken back roads.

        I have a way I can just get through town and get to old farm roads… just normally that is a longer route for me, and more stopping at lights and things… but I probably would have been home earlier had I done that.

        Last night was a traffic nightmare that I remember – ugh the parking lot!!

        I really need to have teleportation lol 😄😘✌️

        But yeah, it goes back to normal when people are not quarantined – up here at least.

        Some stuff up here is reshutting down… cause our numbers are slowly climbing. So that might effect the traffic again? Not sure? I don’t expect another lock down like before. … but then again, I didn’t expect that first one in first place lol


      3. The whole state is supposed to re-close non-essential businesses again so maybe that will reduce traffic. I’m seeing a lot of positions offering remote/home work but still only getting calls from the useless H1 recruiters. I should probably refresh my Indeed listing.

        Liked by 1 person

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