One more thing… school

My daughter has a later start date by a week… they will return on August 20th.

They are giving us 2 options… at home learning done better cause now they say they have prepared…

Or actual school. Which she really misses her friends and wants.

I have until July 27th to make our decision. 😮😳

I feel better with at home learning … look I am afraid … she could be fine but I might not… or one of her brothers might not. She could catch and carry home. I am not comfortable with that and I’m not ready to die.

At the same time, her age… she’s 13… she’s a social butterfly 🦋… she has good friends – I hate that she is taken away from them and I hate that she wouldn’t have those experiences…

What do I risk?

So I dunno that’s gonna be a big decision. Dammit 🤨

How in the world are we even going to be after all this?? Lol Oh my god! Please let it be better 🙏

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