I just had a family upset with the COVID-19 restrictions… I get it…

I let them go off on me… you do that cause families are grieving… they are suffering through a loss during all this COVID crap… is hard.

They are upset with the loss, and frustrated by COVID – it’s awful…

But like I said, I let them vent on me… apologized for inconvenience of time period… and also offered condolences.

Then I connected with them, I totally understand the position they are in… it sucks!! I share a thing or 2 what we went through when I lost all my people. Granted, was NOT during Covid – thank god! But we had things too. Couple issues when my grandmother died.

They calmed down with me and by the end I had them laughing and happy ❤️ – well sort of … they are still mad with COVID …

It’s hard with the limits and things set down.

She told me I am very diplomatic lol … I hope that is meant as a good thing lol … she said it was, cause I asked how she meant it lol ✌️

Venting… it’s a thing… and it’s ok to do. 😘✌️

Still working and that took me awhile to calm and situate 😮 I am now little behind – 2hours left

I forgot lunch but I’m not hungry and I have to finish

Bye for now 👋

2 thoughts on “Venting

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    1. Well I just know how is, and what they are going through. Sometimes you just need to let it out … I’m aware of that. I don’t take personally and also I do really well with comforting people. It is a very stressful time.

      That family experienced their loss during the shut downs… they were on hold until now… and we are still restricted so they are frustrated …

      And also because of that loss they had… their loved one had a house… they took a major loss on the house because it was during corona and they couldn’t sit on it.

      So they have a lot of stress. Not a good year for them – I have had those years.

      I don’t mind if they release. It’s not my case, but I still help anyway.

      I’m really good calming people and switching their gears. I can make you laugh even when you cry 😘✌️

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