What do you do?

No one has ever lived at my funeral home… there is no home area. Mine has only been here since 1942… not like 1903 😮

We have 1 conference room… 2 bathrooms… a prep room (we use strictly for Jewish and Muslim, everything else is handled at care center), a holding room, service room (Chapel I guess … but after seeing theirs mine is not impressive lol ours doubles as reception area by switching out to tables) we have a small quaint lobby type sitting area … and then the office.

Mines all small now lol

Now I am dying to see the massive one 😮 we have one funeral home which is the most incredible of all… it has a cemetery connected to it … most of us don’t

You know you can shop around right? It’s hard when you lose someone and you are stunned. That is why preplanning is best if you can… but if not, just like car shopping 🤨… you can shop around with prices and what you want.

Not everyone knows that, and also at the moment of a loss – that’s really hard. You are already in mourning… the last thing you want to do is add more stress – you want it handled, and handled right.

Just be aware – your end wishes can be anything you want. Know you have options ✌️

Anyway… is fricken hot here… yesterday my car was reading 106 on my drive home … Oh my god! C’mon!!

Today I dressed funeral summery lol … it will still be hot 🥵

Oh yeah and when I got home from work yesterday it was like 6/6:30pm… and the neighbor guy wonders over 😳

Hey ya Trisha, just getting home from work? 😳

Umm yup.

What do you do? 😳

I do funerals lol (do you have any idea how weird that is to say? And then their faces when I say that) you just don’t expect walking into that 😄✌️

And then I don’t think they really know what to say 😄 they are curious but also kinda taken back 😄😄

I was dressed kinda like “Men in Black”, but for women lol

He’s a nice guy, he and his wife own that crazy dog lol

He was all lounging around on his Saturday and I was just getting home … I just wanted to get in door and get in the shower!! I was hot and yuck!

I chatted for quick moment as I gathered my things from the car … but I was just getting in and my thoughts were zoned in on a shower lol ✌️

When I was with police … and someone ask me what I do, I would tell them and they they would tell me every police interaction or question 🤨😄 …

But if you say… I do funerals … on rare occasions, I will get one that will ask me about pricing of caskets or urns lol, burials or cremations. But usually they are just not expecting that answer I guess? And then what do you say? Lol …oh that’s nice? Lol

Anyway… have a lot going on… back later 😘✌️

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  1. Yup, my mom and her sisters made arrangement regarding plot/casket/living will. I have not think much about mine because who know if I will stay in the area. Last time I traveled out of the country, I had to think about what to do with my body if I die. I had to purchase travel insurance, to checked those on mountain rescue/body repatriation.

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    1. Well for example with MY funeral homes… we are nationwide… so you can plan and pay for the funeral service and use at any one of our nationwide funeral homes… it would lock your prices in, so you are not hit with larger prices later… it’s pricey, so is good to lock in price if able.

      You can always wait on the cemetery plot… to see where you are. But the funeral part can be preplanned.

      People don’t always think of preplanning because it doesn’t effect you now, and by the time it does you will be gone… so people just don’t think about it.

      I am with Dignity Memorial ❤️ aka… in stocks we are SCI


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