Game over

Sometimes, I can be sarcastic or just blunt?

Last night, country boy texted me… basically just to say “hi” which he does every few days – whatever.

A few weeks ago… I tried to push him away. Ya know, I am just under stress and I don’t want to stress over anything else.

I like him, he’s has been a good friend, he is kind etc… but I just can’t relax with him… I can’t trust him.

It’s not about other women or sex or anything like that…

There is that one thing that is important to me… and I just don’t think he can give it to me… I’m sorry, I have to have that. It is one thing, and if he can’t, then I’m good.

When I tried to back away a few weeks ago… I told him I didn’t trust him – it’s that one thing …

He said… just relax, let’s just enjoy life ok?

Well… I am busy with my life – I don’t have time for outside influences right now…

I don’t see him, he lives kinda far (maybe an hour or so away)

So ok whatever… I’ll just sit back and watch, see if I can trust… all he does is text me every couple days.

But the answer to that is no…

Because on my birthday… he sent me a text… but it was a comment on a text from days ago… not one word about my birthday. Nothing.

He took 2 seconds to remember that and just say that. But not happy birthday.

So now I definitely don’t trust him… he just totally blew that. So my responses to him are kinda of blunt, maybe snippy?

He texts me last night… and he says “hi, how is your week going?”

So I don’t know if I was bitchy? Or sarcastic or let me throw this at you then? I dunno? I just replied back and said …

My week is good thanks. Tuesday was my birthday, had a nice birthday, have a good week.

He wrote back he was sorry that he missed and he forgot and gave some lame excuse – whatever – I’m not really listening now.

When he mentioned his lame excuse for forgetting … I said “yeah I figured so much” … I don’t give 2 craps about his lame excuse, but if he wants to call that, then yes his excuse is true and lame, I’ll agree. Whatever

But he also wrote I’m sorry, I owe you a visit or something.

So I said… No, you don’t owe me anything ever. But thank you

He didn’t say anything after that.

I’m just not in the mood to deal with games. You either care about someone or you don’t, so whatever

He dug his own grave – I do not trust him and he can not give me the one thing I want, so ya know whatever

Also being a man is no excuse for that either. Sorry it’s not. Man the F up, or get out of the way.

I’m not playing games here – I am busy, I am stressed, whatever… I will call him out on shit… if you wanna be in my life then do that… if not don’t let the door hit you in the ass

Yeah it is a big deal to me, so whatever – game over.

Game, set, match 😘✌️

Yeah I am tough… that’s how I will know when something is right… when I don’t have to be tough.

Ok whatever – I have to run. I still have to shower and woman is coming with me to this new funeral home today. We are just picking up keys to funeral home and getting alarm code.

I should be back before boys come? Not sure ? Probably

And of course that delivery comes today too!! While I have to be out 🤨 I better not have to sign for it – I will be pissed!!

Ok I have to go 😘✌️

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