So wow!!! Stunning!!! You should see this place!

Ok first of all… it is Sacramento … that is the State Capitol of California…

Normally is meh… certain parts are amazing – others …bleh… depends on where you are.

I went to the Land Park area 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮 omg so beautiful… is a gorgeous HUMUNGOUS Park across the street… is literally right by the Sacramento Zoo and Fairy Tale Town ❤️❤️❤️❤️

The area is old – but gorgeous!!! Oh my god! Totally!!

I am very far from Land Park… on way home … I pass by Sacramento International Airport SMF ❤️✌️ …

I took 99 home… I hate dealing with 80 and business 80 🤨 … yes 2 different highways… same fricken name … one is called “business 80” for no reason… and the other is just called “80” 🙄

There are just too many people driving now 🤨 makes the highways all sucky!!

It’s like the Indy 500 out there 🤨

But anyway… I got to the funeral home… and outside just looks like umm… kind of an A line roof, ranch style? Big giant oak trees? Everywhere, really nice…

There are a lot of bums and drug addicts 😮 but this is like the center of the city kinda… Old Sac is like an exit away! 😮❤️ I love Old Sac ❤️

I went up to the door… I was early… I just do that. The door was open, so I just walked in without ringing the bell…

I had my mask on 😷… and suddenly a tall slender man appears … umm ok… I am looking for a woman lol … this was not a woman lol

I told him who I was looking for, and my name… and he suddenly perks right up… 😳

He is also wearing a mask 😷… but he says… hey! I know you 😮😳…

He actually did lol… when I had very first started at my place… there was a HUGE service right before the shut down… and burial was to happen in Davis…

He had come to assist us!!

Ahhhhh it was so awesome already knowing someone!!!

And I was soooooo taken by the beauty of this place!!

You walk in and the floor is Marble like tile … high ceilings, chandeliers … and the service room is gigantic!!!

They were having a service 😮

The woman I was supposed to see was running late 🤨😄✌️…

So the guy I knew – who is gay so totally comfortable and awesomely hilarious!!! Everyone who works in funerals has the best sense of humor … Oh my god! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

He is too funny – I like him lol … he had me laughing the entire time!! I love people like that… that’s a gift!! 🎁

So he takes me around the place right … my jaw is just on the floor cause it is a maze of rooms and corridors … secret rooms Oh my god! … hide and seek perfection right there!!!

And it’s been in operation and same location since 1903… back in yesteryear, the mortician and funeral directors, used to actually live at the funeral homes… there are areas of this funeral home that are like someone’s home. 😮😮😮😮

No they do not live there now… but I’m like Oh my god! I could totally live here!!! Lol … I would always be early lol

I will have to dress up to the hilt to even compete with the fricken building lol … that’s how beautiful it is… if I don’t dress up – I will feel underdressed all day long… I always dress up but not crazy … this place calls for crazy 😮 absolutely stunning!!!

I will show you tmrw.

So anyway… I meet with the boss woman… she give me key 🔑 and alarm code – show me everything … and gave me her cell Incase of any issues

When I asked that guy if they crazy busy – he said no… I said what why? He said because they are high end funeral home … best of best – you pay for that 💵… you have to have money for this one.

So I should have it down no problem …

Boss lady asked if I can just work Saturday’s for them?

Currently I am doing this Saturday and next Saturday

The Saturday and Sunday after that (the 25) I be at my own… and every single Sunday I am at my own also.

But they want me every Saturday after that… they just lost 2 employees (not asking any questions)

While they are looking to replace I will cover their Saturday’s

So I now have 2 funeral homes!!

Ok have to run, sorry – back tonight


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    1. Oh yes!!! It’s like a wonderland 😮 it’s a total maze with secret rooms and living quarters … Oh my god! It’s awesome!!!!! It’s like I went back in time and I’m in this time warp 😮 but it’s beautiful!! And huge!!!

      I am taken with it!!! Completely!!! It truly is stunning!!! ❤️😮


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