I had a really nice birthday yesterday. It was peaceful and quiet and just nice ❤️

I heard from all my friends and family – and even my Facebook people ❤️ … I still don’t go on… I am just not ready for social media again. But that was nice, I know it notifies them that it’s my birthday 🤨😄… but it’s still nice they say hello and happy birthday 🎈… I miss them – I just can’t handle right now, but they understand ❤️ I appreciate that.

I called my mom… told her “thank you for giving me life and I love you” ❤️🥰❤️ … she will remember and also knows the “I love you” part … but I don’t think I ever told her thank you for life before? Lol – she won’t remember, but I just wanted to say that. I miss her. I wish I could have HER for my birthday ❤️

But that’s ok…

I slept til 8am, lazed around – read… then boys came over – we bbq’ed ❤️

Then we waited 30 minutes 🤨to go in the pool 😄… I don’t think that rule is real lol … there are plenty of times I swim right after eating and I’m fine.

But I have one child who is a stickler for these rules 🤨😄 so whatever… we wait 30 minutes 😑😄

We finally went in… and yes 18 even came in!! ❤️❤️❤️ …just like he said he would ❤️🥰❤️

And the funny thing with that… is that once he was in… he didn’t wanna come out 😄😄😄

We are all in the pool swimming … first one out was daughter … and at first is fine… but then there are bugs 🙄 … we are outside ya know ? We do have to share the planet 😄✌️

🦋🐛🦟🦗🕷🐞🐝 😄😄😄

So she impatiently waits lol

I think, I was next… I was getting “Pruny”… but I skimmed and swept the pool… and checked on filter.

Then the oldest came out…

But 18 says … come back in… you want me to come in the pool, I do and you people want to get out lol 😄

We had been in the pool for hours already, when he say that lol

He kept swimming 😄😄❤️ and then daughter starts getting mad at him, because bugs are everywhere and she’s waiting on him 😄😄

Me and the oldest are just like whatever ❤️

He got out and then we heard lecture about how he wanted to stay in lol 😄 … we told him to stay if he want – we be at the house, but he didn’t want that… he came with us lol ❤️

They brought me a cheesecake and we had that… I like that better for my bday… or chocolate – but I just like cheesecake. ❤️✌️

I tell them NOT to buy me things!!! Save your money!!! For your little tiny house lol 😄✌️ (oldest wants one)

I don’t want them spending money like that. They know this, and do it anyway lol

But whatever ❤️❤️ the thought is beautiful. ❤️ … I would just rather them save – I know they love me, they don’t have to buy that.

But I get it… I do the same thing with my own mom lol 😄❤️ – the apples don’t fall far from the tree lol ✌️

Anyway… I got a foot bath… it’s heated and vibrates… bubbles – it’s cool. It’s says I can put salts or rose petals or foot things in it… I do like that… but I don’t have any lol… I will have to buy some.

Is really nice – I used it last night without any foot things – just water … and it’s nice – my feet get so soft ❤️ and that will be nice on those days after work!

Then… they got me this…

😮❤️🥰❤️… first it is a heart ❤️ … right off the bat, I love it – how do you not??

I also really love necklaces (and rings lol) – but I am picky with them… I just like them to have meaning somehow. But I always love hearts and seahorses ❤️

Then it also has my birthstone “the ruby” ❤️❤️❤️ red like a heart ❤️… the warmth of the heart.

And on the left hand side, there is writing … it says “I love you, Mom” ❤️❤️❤️

So I will wear that all the time 😄❤️✌️

I asked if sterling silver – cause just wanted to know if I need to take off here and there, so I don’t turn green lol ✌️

Yes it is ❤️ is so perfect – I love it ❤️ I would have loved anything from them though – even handmade.

They stayed late…

Something feels ?? Off with the oldest (26) … I think I have mentioned before? Awhile back??

I am always telling them “I love you” always… maybe too much – but there is never enough right?

But when I hug him… he is very gentle… he is afraid of hurting me …

But he holds on long and tight almost as if ?? There is emotion there? I dunno – I pick up emotions from people… I am picking up something?

I think he has heaviness? He hasn’t told me any, but he is like me… he be quiet with his heavy and handle it.

He tries to be really strong. I do too… but he has me should he ever need me… I would give my life for them …

So yeah I dunno … I have just been noticing the extra love – he doesn’t want to ever let go of the hug. ❤️🥰❤️ while I love that… I think he’s struggling with something?

I will see – I am mom … we find these things out lol 😄😘✌️ … I also have eyes on the back of my head lol – kidding but I tell them that… cause they say my back can be turned, and I still know what they are doing lol

My daughter used to check the back of my head for eyes when she was little 😄😄

So was a really good birthday ❤️🥰❤️

Now I have to go back to actually doing stuff lol … my day of rule is over, lol dammit!

I do still claim rights of owning the month lol 😄✌️ July … now you see why I love July 😄✌️❤️

Even it’s name is beautiful!

And tmrw … the 9th… is one year since I got my life back ❤️ (sort of – I got it back from fighting cancer)

So hell yes – totally claim the month of July!! My month ❤️

Please don’t end!!! 🙏

I hate when July ends … cause August means school… we go back mid August and I have no idea what they are doing .

And then once school starts back here comes fall and winter 🥶… At first it’s ok, nice change and breather from the heat … but by mid December – I am over winter lol … then I want July 😄✌️❤️ (also… there are WAY too many holidays clumped together in fall and winter!!)

Alright I have to go – back later 😘✌️

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        I have both the YouTube app and also chrome – neither worked …

        The message reads … hang on let me get what it says…

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