Staying up and respect

So my daughter stayed up on phone until 5am this morning…

A new rule will go into effect tonight lol ✌️ no phone in bed.

I had to get ready for work today… so I got all funeral home looking lol

That is the skirt I wore today… with a black shirt… the peach material is like a silk, and those roses 🌹 are velvet ❤️❤️❤️ I LOVE how that skirt feels!!! But is perfect for funeral home and goes past my knees.

I did my makeup and then went to curl my hair… in my bathroom attached to MY room – which someone was still sleeping in lol

So… my curling iron squeaks lol … it just does… so I was making a TON of noises lol..

I hear a tired voice “what in the world are you doing in there?” Lol

I dunno, but it’s time for you to wake up and get ready. ✌️

That helped get her up. 😄😄❤️

And she brushed her hair and is like “I’m ready” 🤨

So I said “ umm we are going to a funeral home, you don’t have to dress up like me, but you need to pick out some better clothes”

She was wearing tight little sleep shorts and a soft T-shirt both of which she slept in… and woman needs a bra!!! Sorry!!

She got all offended 🤨 and took that to mean … Something about people judging based on what she looks like 🤨 ugh 😑

No that is not why I ask you to change… this is a funeral home where people are going to be mourning the loss of someone they love… just have some respect for that, just dress nice. Not like you just rolled out of bed 🤨

And she replies “but I did” 🤨

And “lecture time” lol ✌️

So I gave her talk about how your appearance is… you get ONE chance to make a first impression. Choose that impression wisely.

And the way you carry yourself, can help your own self esteem and also present your best self to whoever

You can be whoever you want… be however you want…

Just understand there are certain appearances you do out of respect. Be respectful!!

I can’t have her coming with me like she just rolled out of bed… let me show you the business world little woman 😘

I just want her aware of that and I want her to be respectful of certain situations, as well as, respectful of her own self.

So she went and got dressed and looked nice. ❤️

She then said to me… you are the only family member who’s birthday I remember cause is all 7’s lol 7-7-7something lol ✌️

I laughed and said yeah… cause you, my dear, hit the jackpot for Moms lol 😄😘✌️ 🎰

She smiled and rolled her eyes… cause I may have also added a wiggle when I said that lol ✌️😄

Anyway… those were the stories from this morning…

I have to say though – for someone who did not sleep last night, she handled herself very well today – I was actually impressed – she kept a happy demeanor all day and was kind and helpful – the rule still goes into effect tonight ✌️

She can maybe have a night here and there – I remember being her age… so she can enjoy her friends like a sleep over over the phone every once in awhile. I will allow it “on occasion with permission” just like a sleep over. ✌️ … I just do not want becoming a habit

Was a full day today… with many things!

Tmrw I get to be queen for a day ❤️🥰❤️ so doing that 😘✌️

I am definitely not dealing with any issues on my shoulders – tmrw is my ONE free day ❤️

I plan on sleeping in… however … I am aging. so I have that old person internal alarm now 🤨… I can not sleep past 7!!! I am lucky if I can still sleep TO 7!

Unless I stayed on my phone all night 😄😄😄✌️ just kidding – I found that really funny lol 😘 ✌️

Probably pool? Maybe all day? I dunno we see.. and boys come ❤️❤️❤️ so that sounds heavenly

We see – I just wanna relax ❤️ breathe for a minute with nothing for one whole day!!

Curious if that is possible 🙏

Alright finally I have time to read and attempt catch up 🤟 thank you for your patience 😘

Gnite 😘✌️

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    1. Thank you 😊 yes I love that skirt… it’s very nice looking – and then it’s really cool to wear and feel with both the silk and velvet lol

      Ugh her and that phone 🤨🙄 she misses her friends … we’ve still been isolating.

      It’s weird cause I don’t want to over indulge because she misses friends, moderation ya know… habits form lol … but then I also understand how much she misses them, so I do give leniency here and there. It’s hard when they can’t socialize … 13 year old girl – so is very hard – she is very social lol ✌️

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