I have recently been doing a different way of shopping… cause I can’t stand the whining about going to the store … and I do it every time!! Lol I hate going to the store!!!!

I just don’t want to be near too many people. Not right now. The more I stay away, the safer I feel.

So anyway… I’ve been shopping different lol… I am saying that with a BIG smile… cause now is easy without whining lol ❤️ ✌️

I have a neighborhood market – it’s a Walmart that is only a grocery store. They were not allowed to build a big giant regular Walmart cause we didn’t want that ruining our town. So instead we compromised with them and got a Walmart grocery store 😄✌️ they are cheap.

I just hate going in there.

They have an app that I use for the groceries… I can take my time looking through everything and getting the things I write down through the week. I can keep track of spending… and it’s easy.

I get to pick a time for when I can come pick up… today I picked between 4 & 5pm.

They won’t deliver to me because I am way too far out in the country. I have to go pick it up lol… not a big deal – I like getting out.

So anyway… they text me and say “hey order is ready, let us know when here” and it provides a link that opens the app and gps tells them your eta… or just open when you get there and it will tell them you are there – you have to enter what spot you are in and color of your car.

They come out, verify order. And load in your trunk for you.

I do not have to go in, I do not have to shop, I do not have to wait in line… It is awesome!!! I like this!!!

So today there were 2 items out – they gave me 2 substitutions but for the cheaper price.

First one was for water 💦…

I ordered 40 bottled waters. (That sounds like alot- but it’s not) but that was out…

Instead they gave me TWO 24 packs of bottled water … so I got 48 of the same size I wanted but same price ❤️ bonus

And the other thing …

I ordered 2 cans 15oz Tomato Sauce (just regular) … that was out too…

So instead they gave me 2 cans 28oz Tomato Sauce 😮 Lol very big bonus at same price ❤️

There was not a pick up fee OR a bag fee. Just tax and bottle fees 🤨😄

But it’s awesome!! I no longer whine … unless I forget to order and really need stuff and have no choice but to shop lol … you will know this because I will whine lol 😄✌️… but I try to push it so I can do online instead!! Way way way better!!!

I wish we could do that with every single store!!! And every single place!! For right now anyway. But I really like this – it goes very well!! Lol ✌️

I just picked them up and came home – half way home I called daughter and said – “ hey – get your shoes on… I’m almost home – help me with groceries please”

Ok mum … and she did ❤️

Ok … I have to make dinner but I will be back after that 😘✌️

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