The Power Play

Alright … so… when I was hired… back in February 2020…

There were 2 funeral homes, but working together. They needed weekend support and wanted weekend only to do office work.

Two of us were hired…

There is me… a mom, used to doing everything lol ✌️😘… plus I am old school… if you are being paid to work, then you find work to do. Period.

The other one they hired is a young girl… 21, still at home with parents… she has a funeral background – she was an attendant (we have attendants we can hire if we need help with services, but that’s been on hold since COVID-19, we handle ourselves currently – services have been light)

They complain all the time cause the other girl is just on her phone literally all day – she is one of those who’s face does not come away from the phone. They have spoken to her numerous times.

But whatever… a few weekends ago… they had me cover a service at the other funeral home.

These 2 funeral homes are sister homes – in same network… and we are governed by the same district manager and same office manager.

Both are young women… mid-30’s. Very nice – enjoy them very much… I even share my birthday with the district manager ❤️ we are birthday twins!! Lol

I love MY funeral home cause we have each other’s backs … we work together and help each other ❤️ I love that ❤️

I just like mine better all around. But I am a loyal type anyway. I am also extremely communicative. Like above and beyond… I am also sincere and I don’t lie either.

I speak freely etc etc … they are taking awhile to fully train me but I know they are busy and we have had COVID-19 to deal with so has been hard.

I have been trained on the things I would deal with on weekends but not full on training.

I think mine is aiming to put me as the office manager for my location – that way the other one does not need to do a duel duty between the 2.

Anyway… when my funeral home calls to see if I can work… they check with the district manager to make sure is ok. We are trying to keep costs low and on a truly needed basis.

Usually is fine and not any issues… they even had approved me to cover the other funeral home a few weeks ago.

But like I said, I share my birthday with the district manager so she has been away on vacation for her birthday and will return after the 8th

I guess since she has been away, the other funeral home is pulling all kinds of stunts – everything they were not supposed to do… they have been doing 😳😮

I have heard rumors about them, but ya know… that’s hear say from other people… I don’t believe unless I see for self

This other funeral home called me on Friday – I only know one of the girls and she’s the one who called me

Asked if I could work today “Monday” … well yes if they ask sure – is a paycheck and usually they don’t ask unless it’s been approved.

The rumors I heard about this funeral home was that, is every man for himself – none of them help each other

I had not met the woman I worked with today, until today.

Her and the one who asked me to cover, I guess are pals?

The district manager has been laying down rules and regulations – which is fine with me…

Also… I do not compare myself to anyone else ever! And I could care less what someone else has or whatever…

I go in, help as much as I can, learn things… etc – I love my girls – they have been amazing to me since literally day one

I am older than them, but that doesn’t bother me…

The woman I worked with today has been in the funeral business for over 35 years … so she butts heads with the young mid 30’s woman who is the district manager…

Today that funeral home put me in the middle … they did not ask for clearance went and did upon themselves. (Is fine I will still be paid, but it’s gonna ruffle feathers because they didn’t ask)

My girls are like a hmm?? Click? But we all mesh really really well… no power trips nothing … we support each other and it’s a wonderful environment and it shows in our performance.

I was a little shocked today cause I was actually working and the woman went on break… it got really busy… but I have handled at my own funeral home so I can handle with ease… she came running out and I said… go back to your lunch, I’ve got it under control, don’t worry.

She smiled and went to go back to lunch but then turned and said … I am not used to this 😮

Total break down in that office… and half the girls are against each other

Also… when I was hired … initially they were going to place me at that funeral home but the district manager changed her mind (thank god) and placed me with the one I am at.

However … online with the things I need – I am listed at that funeral home… it needs to be changed so I can get into things on my own log on. That will be fixed after the 8th

But the woman today was like “you should be here with us”

In my mind – I was like Oh my god! No lol … I wanna stay with mine!! I love mine – I love my girls!!! I fit perfectly!!

This one seems very umm divided… I don’t want that… that type of working environment is horrible. No thank you!!

I want to stay with mine

And mine trusts me completely!! Trusts my decisions, trusts my work… trusts my word.

I truly love mine ❤️

They called me today… the duel office manager wanted to know who asked me to come in… so I told her not knowing what was going on…

Then one I am close to called… and kinda filled me in of the details… what was going on.

Also asked me to report back any issues I see 😮

So that was some stuff I did not expect to ever have issues with – I thought we all are a team ??

We do have 2 other funeral homes in close connection… I have not been to either one of those … lol I wanna say – I just wanna do mine, no others lol

But whatever – I just don’t like being in the middle… I feel like a pawn ♟

What kills me is… these are grown women… we are not in high school anymore…

The goal of our job is to help people with the funeral, closure and get through the difficulties of losing a loved one. Period.

Mine works like a well oiled machine and we all adore each other ❤️

But there is a rivalry – and the other one does not work together at all. It felt stressy with that heaviness 😮

And I do not want to be in that room when the district manager comes back and hears all the things they have been doing.

Another thing … this woman I worked with today was talking about the duel office manager …

😮😮😮 the things she say to me about her 😮

Umm I like the office manager

And then the office manager called to speak to her and she was all joking and happy on the phone with her … but gets off and tells me bad things 🤨

So I watch that… going behind someone’s back…

If you can’t say to their face – do not say at all!!

I just feel like saying “how old are we?”

So there just seemed to be a play for power with the district manager and office manager … against the other 2 girls in that office.

I totally forgot all about power plays and women not supporting each other cause mine does so well with that… I have a really good team

So was just a new development I was not aware of until today.

I hope they do not try to get me over there – hopefully district manager would ask me first – I am pretty sure she would because she adores me… I have really good communication with my girls because I make the effort for that!!

If I have issues – I say them directly… I don’t attack or try to override … I just state the issue… and give supporting details – and they help me work on that.

I prefer women supporting each other – I am very much so, all about support of other women.

Just kinda blew my mind today… was like seeing cracks 😮

Ok I be back – I have to throw away trash which is far and is getting dark lol… I have to hurry before creatures come out lol ✌️

6 thoughts on “The Power Play

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    1. Me too!! Yeah!!! That woman was on the phone with the office manager being kinda overly sweet, gets off the phone and tells me all kinds of bad stuff about her 😮

      I don’t like that… if she does that to her, I’m sure she does to others – that is 2 faced… I don’t deal with that.

      I will watch her. I’m so surprised cause she is older even more than me! Maybe 50’s?

      I am not getting involved – I do not do office politics 😠 that’s all bad!! It corrupts the work place. I just want to do my job.

      Was really sad to see… I thought our network was so strong 💪… and we all women – so stand united you know?

      This is a job of empathy and compassion… and then I see that??

      And let me also add… they are lucky they have a fricken job to begin with!

      Be careful what you take for granted ya know?

      And I also hope works the way I want lol … but ya know – at this point life is evidently constant change … so I’m not gonna stress over that- I am there to do my job… when that is no longer good for me … I will move on.

      I’m not worried. But was just very sad to see.

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  1. Upon reading this, the first thing that hit me was “Okuribito” (Yōjirō Takita, 2008). Perhaps you’d like to give it a look (if you haven’t already). It has nothing to do with office politics, but with more subtle issues inside.. Oops, I hate spoilers! 🙂

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    1. Lol… yeah I don’t play office politics … I will be honest, and I will speak directly. I’m not doing that.

      They pay me to work, not for that crap – I will need a raise for that crap lol 😄✌️

      But yeah… if the atmosphere is toxic – I will leave…

      My funeral home has been great so I don’t get it. But whatever – I am happy at my place.

      The district manager comes back today (7/8) 😮😱 so that’s going down lol

      I don’t mind their office politics – I don’t play… I just wanna work…

      What I didn’t like and I will freely say, is that I felt put in the middle and unknowingly in this power play 🤨😠

      So now I know the other place – talks behind your back… I will be careful with them now

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