That was pretty easy.

So that went well… they liked the place … was a really young couple, I believe from Texas.

They were really cute!! So young!!

Anyway so that is done. I am working all weekend and into next week again. I kinda love working anyway.

But they want me working Monday at the other funeral home – the bigger one… the one with the yucky walls 😝

Whatever is fine. Is a paycheck. I like being locked away. I just really need to change those paint colors lol ✌️

Anyway. Gonna work on some stuff while I have the time ✌️

I love 4th of July weekend ❤️🇺🇸❤️ woo hoo Friday ❤️

Be back later tonight ✌️

4 thoughts on “That was pretty easy.

Add yours

      1. Well start to lol… really it’s on the 7th lol… I only tease and say the 4th is mine too …

        My moms due date was July 4th – but the only time I was late – but we keep the celebration lol … my celebration of my independence from the womb 😄✌️ (totally teasing lol)

        The 7th is just the day I get ultimate supreme love lol ❤️❤️❤️ thats my actual bday

        I just like to celebrate all month cause July is so amazing❤️

        Am total summer girl ❤️


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