Ok … I am early… I am always early 😘 … unless I say I will be late – and then I am on time lol … I am one of those lol

It is a beautiful day today!! Oh my god! I LOVE JULY ❤️ my favorite month!!!

The sprinklers, the birds, the warmth (ok fine, heat lol) … ahhh and the BBQ… and of course my birthday is there too lol … and so is my moms lol

So I totally love July!!! Most beautiful month ever ❤️ always cause July was always summer vacation ❤️ loved that ❤️ the smells in the air … is just awesome!!

Yeah I don’t know a more beautiful month – California will spoil you in weather! Totally

So yeah 😏 I’m early.

I have half hour of sitting here.

Oh yay – my neighbor coming to hang with me … I texted her and said hey… wanna come hang and wait for people? 😄

She is coming now – woo hoo!!

Back later 😘

4 thoughts on “Early

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    1. That means is good right? I have never heard that saying.

      Is that like “the early bird gets the worm”?

      Do I want the fast track?
      Is that peaceful? Lol

      I am just that way. Have always actually been that way…

      I don’t like to get somewhere and be all flustered and hot because I was rushing… I forget stuff that way…

      So I time things… I give myself a little extra time to be all relaxed and put together.

      Or if it’s in an area I am unfamiliar with – I give myself “get lost time” lol ✌️

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    1. Showing the house? Lol … I said here is the house, go ahead in, and see what you think lol ✌️

      They were really cute!! A wicked young couple… I believe they are from Texas. They have to be mid to late 20’s

      Went well, but not sure I would describe as “good time” lol

      It was good to have my girlfriend there – I wanted reinforcements to not be totally alone with a stranger I didn’t know – had no idea who to expect coming lol

      But we got to talk for little while so that was cool.

      Good times lol ✌️


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