The mind of a mother (lol)

So I text the boys… just a single text…

Hey, bring your suits – we going in the pool … it’s amazing!!! ❤️


That was like 20 minutes ago lol… not one response lol

Here is how I imagine the conversation is going…

Hey mum says bring our suits…

What? 😑

She’s says we are gonna go in the pool.

Ugh 😑 I don’t wanna go in the pool

Ok well you can deal with mom then lol

I just added the last one because I will question lol

Lol… I imagine they are groaning lol

We shall see 😘✌️

Is 90 today… it’s kinda nice… hot only because of the beating sun, but we have wind 🤨

My landlord texted me and says … have you checked PG&E website for any power shut offs

😮 no I hadn’t … so I did and nothing was listed… you can check by address.

Ugh 😑 please let me be prepared! 🙏 …or just don’t shut off my power 🤨 ugh … fix it!

Why is everything just shutting down … that was like a warning ⚠️ 😳😮… the first time this happened was the month of October 2019. We lost power for over a month. 🤨😮

Like an omen something larger was coming and the world would flip upside down? 😮 cause that flipped my world upside down … I flopped like a fish lol

Not this year!! This year I have prepared with survival equipment!!! Yes!

I am sure I am missing something – but I will find out and get better each time!

But I got power back when it rained in November ❤️ I love you rain… yes please… rain down on me

It was rough.

I am becoming quite the survivalist, well… I think I am – let me believe lol ✌️or at least hope 🙏

They probably didn’t even see the message 🤨 still nothing lol

Well I hope they bring their suits and don’t try to use the excuse oh we didn’t see the message until just now 🤨

Oh this will be interesting – how will this go?? Lol now I’m excited lol

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