The day begins

Today is Friday – yay!! ❤️

I have a lot going on… just finished the ranch… did a little extra today… having a quick breakfast and coffee really quick…

I have to jump in the shower, I have not done that yet…

Also… since my landlord is away… I am handling her business also. She helping me in rent this month by taking off money… so I help her.

Later I will have to show a house to people 😳 I am not going in… I will wear mask… and I will open door… ok go look, I’ll be waiting outside lol ✌️😄 … is corona – I don’t know these people I am showing house too… hopefully they in masks as well

So anyway that’s at 11am. In an hour and a half or so.

I’m gonna tell the boys to bring their suits tonight- maybe they all come to pool with me? 🙏

I doubt it… they will tell me – we can go but I’ll only stick my feet in 🤨… (like they are 90 lol)

The girl will complain about bugs … so will the middle one and he will be hot (he is an inside person)… the oldest will be the most open – so “maybe” him?

Let see if I am correct lol

Ok I have to shower 😘✌️

Oh btw – I made appointment with legal self help – I have questions – my appointment is by phone on July 15th (which is actually my mothers birthday 😮)

Ok have to run ✌️

10 thoughts on “The day begins

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      1. Lol… no worries … I almost forgot yours and was gonna go look for that message but I knew I would never find it lol… I remembered you saying on cusp and I know that’s the 23rd lol … plus I know you July lol…

        I was excited to remember so easily lol – usually I am not that good lol 😄✌️

        You have an easy way to remember 😘


    1. Totally 🙏

      Right?! Who doesn’t want to go in that pool – the water is perfect 😮 like you can get right in and it’s awesome – not freezing at all – just perfect 👌


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