New people

Ok … so … there are new people.

Ok … they are extremely friendly!!! Big smiles, very friendly … first meeting … I met their dog first 😳 Oh my god!

Omg … the dog goes airborne into the pool to come to me 😳

Well, my shirt got all wet … I was trying to keep it dry… it was next to the pool with my sunglasses … just incase I had to grab. Ya know.

Well… the airborne dog – knocks my shirt and sunglasses in the water .. Oh my god!

So now my T-shirt is of no use… it fricken wet omg

Ok this can’t be that bad… thank god I had a towel!! Omg … why??

If I step back and look at everything – it is funny – Ok fine. It reminds me of a Chevy chase movie type day lol

Just was a lot of things today. I stay away from things. Completely or as much as possible.

Ok well then.

I am nervous… because I am silent … and I kinda want that silence. I just do. I just feel safer that way. It’s a comfort to me at this moment.

And then there is that peace that I am in love with… so completely!

They do seem very friendly. Their dog overwhelms me. Whew! They are all a little bit “high energy”?

I am quiet, low energy… bubbly but, ya know, just kinda calm? Very very protective and cautious. I’m tired.

I kinda like to ease into things – 2020 is just too fricken much…

It keeps forcing things upon me!! Like it’s shoving my last three years into one year!! 🤨

If this was a fireworks show… I would say 2020 wants to be my grand finale lol ✌️

It does feel like that a little bit. Whew

Alright. This will be fine. Everything is going to be ok… and different… my entire world is flipping!

Ok lots of things.

I am just trying to kinda balance life. I am kinda private anyway… but I have a lot of pressure right now.

Is just for the moment. So that’s fine. I do come out of my shell but I dunno, I don’t go out.

Only to work. But I work at a funeral home – so I like that. There is a peace? I can’t even explain that??

I will interact – but umm … I just kinda wanna be away from stuff?

Yeah whatever – shit happens

Ok well. Just venting I guess.

Yes I am open to friendship – but I’m just a calm demeanor?

I am not totally comfortable – ok fine – I am not comfortable at all!!!

I’m sure it will be totally fine 😳

I have to get to bed 💤 it’s late, almost midnight 🕛

Gnite 😘✌️

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