I’m done!

Yeah… I’m not doing the topless thing anymore – forget that!!

I finally get down there, get in… and I’m relaxing…

When all of the sudden out of no where comes this dog!! He charges into the pool area and jumps right in 😮😳 I do not know this dog!! Wtf!

So I’m done!! Evidentially a new neighbor moved in … is their dog… I just met them with a towel around me 🤨 😳

I feel all bunchy – not relaxed at all!! Ugh now I feel tense – that was not good. Bleh!!!

I am friendly… but I’m just really really private. They kinda caught me off guard… so I just am not sure.

I just feel uncomfortable. ☹️ uneasy.

I am really quiet. I am friendly and polite, but also quiet and keep to self. I am currently withdrawn?

I wasn’t always like that, just since final surgery. Once that happened – I just went completely silent from everyone… I stay to myself and I only have a few people I keep close.

I moved out to the country to get away from all the hospital stuff, my ex, all the court stuff and just everything.

I just like the peace – very much… it soothes my soul?

Ok so… I’m sure it will be fine and that was just a crazy meeting!! That gave me a heart attack 🤨😑

I’m inside for the night 😑✌️ oh wait no… for now anyway – I still have to take care of the ranch and shut the gate 🤨

When I get through all my stuff maybe I will be better ? Right now I’m just private – really really private.

So I dunno… I am just unsure and uneasy. I am definitely not swimming topless anymore ☹️ aww ☹️ … just when I discovered I loved it!!

Oh well… I had a day! ❤️

3 thoughts on “I’m done!

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    1. Well it’s a really hyper poodle type mix… I am not fast nor am I hyper. Lol

      And yes totally smells like dog…

      I was just having peace … next thing I know a dog is flying through the air into the pool 😳

      And I am just kinda a little shy if I don’t know people.

      I just have um I guess anxiety ?

      I have my peace and stuff. So I don’t really step out of that currently. It is hard.

      Their dog just wants to jump all over me… is really hyper

      I am more of a slow person – not hyper … and I’m exhausted so not sure how this is going to go… I just finished the ranch and as I’m walking back… here comes the dog again

      I love animals very much… I am just more subdued? And quiet. So is a lot.


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