I am too busy!! Ahhh!! So much work!! Lol … is good… but I am really busy. Just ate really quick and I don’t have time to take full break 🤫

We had a baby 😮 oh wow… was 20 weeks gestation

Can I just tell you… 20 weeks in utero is already a perfect little human being!! 😮 the features! Is just so tiny 😮

Just looked like a perfect little human being sound asleep… like a small doll.

I had never seen that before. 😶

Ok I have to go ✌️

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  1. The poor family.

    I was in my 20s before my mother told us she’d lost a pregnancy between me and my sister. No other info was given. I don’t know the age of the fetus but my mother was clearly still messed up about it so I now realize it may have been pretty far along.

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    1. After 20 weeks is considered a person… birth and death certs given… burials and cremations fine.

      A name is given to that teeny tiny person

      I had no idea – 20 weeks gestation

      And then, to see what 20 weeks looks like blew my mind … their features so beautiful and perfect.. sad

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