I can’t stay long… I have to go to bed… my body aches!! And I have to be up early 😶… Friday was awesome though… I was late because of work, but I got to keep them all ❤️🥰❤️ – so bonus for me

I never did go to store yesterday … ugh 😩… yeah I don’t want to. So I ordered them last night and picked them up after work… no contact ❤️ “perfect” … so delegated that too

Came home and they had dinner for me ❤️❤️❤️ that was really amazing ❤️❤️❤️

We were going to watch a movie… but no one can agree 🤨 … Picking movies is like trying to deal with 4 different types of world leaders lol … each one has their own ideas they think are brilliant, but the others also argue their cases for their own brilliant ideas lol… so we ended up with no movie lol 🤨✌️

Today was really busy… tmrw I work half day at one funeral home – and then the last half of my day back at my own funeral home.

Anyway… I might have downtime tmrw?? We see??

Oh… they are setting me up to take on office manager 😮 I would like that!! ❤️ I think 🙏

I love the girls!! They are awesome .. I fit in immediately!! Like was always there?

All the time they tell me I am awesome lol 😄❤️

That’s because… I don’t wait for anyone to tell me to do something – they never have to ask me – I just do… I am always doing… I make sure when they come in on Monday… that everything is clear and ready for the week.

I am working on files and just learning it all now! 😮

Also… obviously I can be chatty … so in a work environment – I am communicative…

After my shifts – I give a run down of the happenings and what was done, how that was solved. Details lol ✌️

I just feel they would know what was going on with what, and there would be no confusion with anything. Good for them , good for families, good for business – all around…

I like it smooth… so I make it smooth ✌️

I give them info with a time line. And also report things that are needed.

The other girl at the other place is really young. Still at home with parents and she doesn’t do anything

So everyone at the other funeral home … moans and complains about how is over there …

And my people smile from ear to ear saying how lucky they are and wonderful I am … is kinda hilarious – the way they talk about it ❤️ nice to be appreciated ✌️ I love my girls

Also!!!!! The manager who hired me… 😮😮😮 we share the same exact birthday 😮

The very same day!!!

So many connections lol 😮 crazy! See I am where I am supposed to be at this exact moment! 😮❤️

Anyway, sorry I will have downtime eventually … I am going to be way behind… sorry… I have to sleep… and then I have to work, and then do ranch… and sons here so am excited woo hoo!! ❤️

And then the court and the studying … doing good though

Gnite ✌️

I try to be back tmrw 😘❤️

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    1. I got to keep all my kids with me ❤️ boys too ❤️

      I am working, I have all my babies… is good at moment sorta of – very busy!!

      Thank you ❤️ been thinking of you with PCB and Toonces

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