My landlord texted me and said… “hey, I’m coming to fix your window, don’t shoot” 😄

I would never shoot lol… I don’t even own a gun. But I might have gotten nervous? Lol … so thank you for the warning lol ✌️

So she did that and gave me some thing for the windows.

Then she said… “hey you are going to want to move your car in the shade – it will explode out in the sun like that” 😮😱😳…

I asked “😮 is that true?!”

And she tells me this story that it happened to a friend of hers 😱😮 I did not know this!

I did not know a car sitting out in the sun could just explode from heat 😳😮🤨 what?? Let me google that 🤨

Hmm… I don’t really see anything other than if I leave hand sanitizer in my car maybe? But I don’t leave it in the car, hmm.

What about cars parked all day in sun at work? I have not known of car fires from inside heat of sun … maybe if has a flammable thing inside? But in our temps it could be believable

Whatever it is hot, I will move to shade anyway. So I did that and cracked the windows a bit …

I am not afraid of anyone stealing my car… but I am afraid something will get in my car and say hello while I am driving 🤨 I would not like that lol – that would not go well!

When I moved my car in shade … and cracked those windows – it dropped that inside temp like 20 degrees! 😮

You could bake in a car – you could do cookies … or biscuits lol ✌️ you could also do eggs 🍳 … this is your brain 🥚… this is your brain in heat 🍳

She is also getting me a carport … hmm… careful, gonna make me never want to leave – I already love it here.

That makes me think of never ever leaving… I already love it here completely – in every sense… there is just peace out here, away from stuff. It’s so gentle and beautiful yet with an element of danger… you have to respect the fire danger and be careful.

Otherwise it’s amazing!!

And then she’s constantly making it more and more amazing ❤️

Some people have horrific landlords… I have this one… that just makes me never want to leave. She always checks on me and makes sure I am ok. She cares and she’s funny.

She is really awesome to me ❤️ I couldn’t have stood up without her either!! I found her on Craigslist 😮 the first time I ever tried it 😮 … I was nervous I would be killed lol … but whatever – I took that chance 😮 I needed to see all options.

She was not a murderer or a scammer… I was VERY lucky… but I did know was a woman… I was more at ease with that… I clicked instantly with her… her husband died the same exact year as my father…

And she has also experienced breast cancer and beat that just like me… only she did not need the full mastectomy and reconstruction… only I did. She still has her originals. ✌️

But anyway… we clicked… and then she’s been good to me ever since ❤️ … kinda like the way family is? She shares vegetables or fruits anything actually.

Life brought me here.

So anyway…

My daughter has the most annoying yet hilarious wake up alarm 😄😄 it doesn’t wake her up… it goes off and she shuts it off lol

But it’s hilarious… it’s this woman singing really annoyingly to wake up really loudly- with annoying type, fast paced music lol – I would not like to wake to that ever! Thank god I wake hours before her lol

Is hilarious to hear go off… and then also hilarious the way she auto pilot shuts it off lol she does eventually wake up.

And regarding Word Press… I would like to have a bookmark… for where I leave off… every time I come back I forget how far back I am!! Can I please have a bookmark!! To mark where I leave off!!

If I do figure that out and go back to where I was – it takes me forever to get there… and then word press will update the feed and up top I go 🤨 I do not like it on the computer. Mobile only… the computer I dunno ? I just don’t like it.

So yes bookmark please!

Ok I suppose I need to drag myself to the store 🤨😝 I just don’t like it!! At all!!! I really don’t want to go!

But whatever – suiting up 🤨 to fry out there … if heat kills corona there is definitely none in my car lol ✌️

Oh wait 😮 I do leave the hand sanitizer in the car 😮 when I go in the store … I do 😱😮 crap 😑… how to work that

Bigger purse 👜 will work… I just have to lug everything everywhere 🤨

Ok ugh fine whatever … go to store ugh – sooooo dragging my feet!!!

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