This morning, I had made dinner… cause there is no way I was going to be cooking with the stove and oven when it’s 100 degrees!! Way better to do in the morning!! Trust me!!!

So I did that… and I cleaned up the whole house – spotless… (don’t be impressed, I keep it really clean and organized anyway so takes me like maybe half hour but usually less?)

And then I just sat there and went over the files. I have key pages I am zoning in on.

And then… I am just thinking. My mind goes a mile a minute currently. In different directions, with everything!

Is fine though – this is how I work. I have to think of how to handle things, so that I can sort them, like Tetris, into my life? Lol ✌️

Anyway… I was in the living room with all the files, this morning after cooking and cleaning… My zombie daughter wonders out of her room lol…

And she says “well look at you looking all beautiful” 😮🤨😄

I thought she was being funny… but then she asked me why I was all dressed up and looking so beautiful lol 😮😄🥰

Neither were true lol… I had my hair thrown up on my head… but I don’t ever do that – it’s always always always down. I just needed it out of my face this morning…

And what she considers “dressed up” is extremely questionable lol

This top has no shoulders – but looks really pretty and really girly… is white with ruffles and lace – kinda old fashioned looking … on most women it would be a dress – but on me no. My legs are too long 🤨 so I wear shorts under it

She thought I was in this beautiful dress and all done up lol

Nope sorry, just sitting here dealing with crap lol ✌️ but thank you lol 🥰 … it was funny though – she was totally half asleep lol

Then she always makes me listen to this song 🤨😄…


Ok first of all… trust me – I do not need an ego boost. Lol ✌️

I definitely do not have low self esteem… I do not lol … I AM shy with men, yes, and she does watch me avoid men lol … they will try to flirt with me right in front of her… so I just get weird – I get real quiet, shy and get away, as fast as possible, – it makes me squirm. She kinda finds that funny 🤨 I do not!

She thinks because I avoid – I have low self esteem 🤨 that’s not it – my self esteem is very healthy… it’s just I am cautious and she absolutely watches me squirm uncomfortably in front of her. I just want to get away.

I don’t tell her what goes on with things, I don’t mention one word.

So she thinks maybe I need ego boost 🤨 … I do not!

And then secondly… when she plays that 🤨… she dances around and points at me 🤨

So… I hate that song being in the playlists!! She makes it be there 🤨

She knows I do not need a ego boost lol – I joke around all the time!

One time we went to a park with swings in the area… and the swings had graffiti on them… bad ones lol

I went to sit and saw the dirty picture and said “there is no way I am sitting on that!” Lol … we died laughing

And then most of them were bad dirty pictures…

But… I found “one” that was not bad and I immediately sat on it lol … yes I like to swing. ✌️

She came over and says “I thought you weren’t gonna sit on that?”

I didn’t lol

Well what is on that swing?

So I stopped and then stood up… the swing read “this is person is hot” 😄😄 and I died laughing lol

She rolled her eyes and laughed too cause it was funny lol – I found my swing lol

It was literally the only swing that did not have a drawing of something dirty lol.

So I dunno… literally all day, she was with the beautiful thing.

I will be working quite a lot they keep asking me for more and more 😮 that’s crazy! I’m not turning down work though … and right through the 4th!

On the 4th I only have to work for 4 hours – but holiday pay, I think?

We did NOT go use the hot pool … I spent all day doing those files and some other things pertaining.

Anyway… not an overly exciting day. Did get a few things situated and off my shoulders – I love when that happens ❤️

So that’s about it for today. The earth did not crumble lol … fricken thank god!

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      1. Hahaha sorry… but those words are very true … you can not always be happy all the time… but you can be happy cherishing and enjoying the life you DO have

        Life will always throw wrenches at you lol … you just have to learn how to not fall down and dodge those lol ✌️😄

        Better? I can get wordy lol … I try not to be too bad writing too much lol ✌️

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