So… lol… I am Tetris’ing everything … really awesomely!! I think I am hitting it out of the park, but I don’t want to get too excited!!

In terms of taking care of the Ranch… I have my son coming to stay with me – my oldest…

He will come stay the weekend with me… I will get up for work, wake him up… he will handle the ranch for me in the mornings. Woo hoo!

And he gets to hang with me all weekend when I get home from work at 6pm until I go to sleep at 9/10pm lol 😄✌️

But yay!! I was going to try to do all by myself… but ya know – delegation is a thing!! So I worked it ❤️

Yes I am delighted by my brilliant self lol ✌️

So ranch handled – more work handled… online stuff handled… court stuff – handling and going well. Studying I will get to.

Yeah… I’m kickin it ✌️❤️

I have to go to the store though to make sure I have things for him… he is doing that Keto diet lol… so he wants meat, cheese sticks and Gatorade zero? Lol

I need other things too… but those were his requests when I asked if I could get him anything.

It’s a scorcher out there today so store is not going to be fun. I am going to be red. I need more lotion! ☀️

I will be back later ❤️✌️

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