Lost in thought…

I feel quiet tonight.

I usually don’t have to focus on him at all, so ya know, now that I do… it just makes me feel quiet?

I don’t really want to give him any thought, just currently I have to. That’s little hard. I want to avoid. It makes me feel sick. But whatever doing it

Those files are hard

But anyway … oh yeah work asked for even more days… I said yes… I will need money to survive.

I will have to juggle work, Ranch, preparing case and studying for exam. 😳 plus be a mom and stuff

Ok… no problem. I can do this

I am thinking – trying to figure out best way to make sure handled really well.

Ok well I can do it I think 😳🙏 mornings are my concern … watering plants and being at work

I can do it all. Let me pull this off 🙏 I might be absent for a little while mostly lol ✌️

Suddenly I seem to need clones.

Which is good. I am making money, saving money, making decent progress on things…

Studying I have been slacking on. I do not have that set and equaled into the equation because a lot has been going on. Bleh so much things I have to know! And other things I have to do.

I have to get better at juggling.

Anyway … I just feel quiet? Like not much to say? My mind is in a million directions. Trying to sort things and then also juggle. So whatever

It’s late anyway… what day is it? Ok still Tuesday whew! Tmrw is Wednesday. Ok

Well I am off, I am lost in thought.

Good night 🌙💤✌️

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