The lawyer

This woman who is my lawyer… she said she mailed me the paper to sign – I check every day there is nothing…

She wants me to come down and give that to her this coming Monday.

In her email regarding this matter she says at the end… otherwise the motion will be on August 24th…

First of all – she has sent me nothing – I have received nothing… I check religiously!

Second of all… what motion??? And she puts down the date of August 24th – it sounded wrong to me?

Thank god for this blog again – I wrote it down. August 14th at 8:30am… and it’s a hearing… why is she telling me wrong information???

I knew she wasn’t working for me!! I knew she was killing me!

Yet another reason- I do not trust.

She has not helped me at all… she has only been a lawyer so I just have legal counsel but did nothing. He didn’t pay her.

And here she is giving me incorrect information… she gave me incorrect information with the last hearing… I went anyway…

If I was to not have written that down… I would have missed the hearing on the 14th cause tells me is 10 days later on the 24th!!


This is my life right here!!!

What happens if I don’t sign her off? What would happen? Can I refuse to let her off ?

Although I don’t know which is the worse evil? Having her or being at mercy by myself?

I just worry – from now until then he can bury me in motions… he can come at me full force on my own. I’m scared – I hate him

She does nothing for me anyway… she’s letting me fry… she has always let me fry… she was supposed to protect me and she didn’t – not ever during this whole thing – I lost every single time!!! I don’t even know how!!!

So I can do any worse right?

If I’m gonna fry, I might as well fry myself… so maybe I’ll go finish this off with her on Monday. 😳

Any conversations with her make me panic! Completely!! This entire time it’s been that way… I can’t afford another lawyer… there is no pro-bono

I was stuck with her.

What’s that saying – good riddance to bad rubbish?

Maybe I could do better myself? It really couldn’t be any worse.

And at least I get to speak and make my own decisions. Please dear lord 🙏 let me get through this!!!!

I can do this. I totally can.

But let me ask this… if I refuse to sign anything… what happens ? Do you know?

I’m just curious?

Once I sign… I am at his mercy, completely unprotected!!

He’s been awful he’s gonna come after me hard. He has zero mercy… he didn’t even care if I died or not with the cancer and even during that he tried to continue to bury me in motion after motion.

The courts made him stop, while I went through that. Thank god.

So what do you know?

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