Country boy

Country boy helped me tonight, he made me feel better 😊

He represented himself in court against his ex. So he just let me ask him questions. He would answer one, and I would have another question … but he answered each one.

I can’t do any worse than it already is… and I do have the right to speak up in court.

I will have to keep composure – which I am sure I can do, as long as, I am organized and ready.

My last court went well… I can do that again. I have that now.

Country boy said only facts… they will want only facts – both within the marriage and also within the court case.

The 2 judges that preside over divorce cases in my area – are both men. So that’s a thing but whatever. Just facts – I don’t need to be nervous. It will be ok

Confidence. Keep thinking that.

I’m gonna just act like he’s not even there – I don’t want to see him or his slimy lawyer – I know I have to. But I don’t want to look at either one. They are vicious!

I have nothing to be afraid of… I tell the truth and I have things to back up everything I say. I have things in writing! I can back everything up.

I should not be the one fearing. ✌️

But I still do.

Honestly though… here’s the lesson on this one for you…

The only one who will protect you and make sure you are safe… is yourself. Period

So maybe now it gets better? I’m gonna try to protect myself 🙏

No ones coming near me after this lol kidding … I’m totally kidding … but I dunno? Lol ✌️its been worse than rough – you have no idea

Almost over 🙏

That was really nice of country boy to let me ask him those questions… he doesn’t like to talk about his ex and those moments… he went through a lot too – he has custody of all his kids, his ex is a drug addict, he walked in on her and some other guy, he came home early from work one day to see that. And that was it. He was done

They have 4 kids… all are now grown… but one has a severe disability – cerebral palsy … immobile and also non verbal. The mind is ok, and totally normal … just the body isn’t. It’s been rough on him as well. The kids don’t see their mum. It’s been hard

He was so sincere with his answers helping me tonight. He was very honest – I appreciate that very much – he didn’t have to do that. But I’m glad he did – I hate that I asked him painful things, but I appreciate the help.

When I said thank you, he said of course. 😊

I would normally be putting little hearts everywhere cause I’m a heart person and this means a lot to me lol – but no let’s not do that lol ✌️ “friends only” …

He might be awesome and have a good heart … he’s a good guy… and I like him…. but – there’s always a “but” right? He just doesn’t want what I want. I am not willing to settle, he already knows that. We are both stubborn so whatever ✌️😘 I’m not budging and he’s not. Lol

But he still wants to be in my life and be my friend. I like that. 😊

Ok well anyway… I do feel better because of what he told me. 😊

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