Casino & recommend?

Remember my new coronavirus neighbor friend lol … she’s been back at work so I don’t get to see her as often – we see each other in passing.

She works at a casino 🎰… they have reopened the area casinos now for a few weeks.

She said that all the workers wear masks … it is required by law that all workers in any capacity anywhere must wear masks.

But she said the people don’t. 😮 she said it’s been really busy, more than normal… probably because people are dying to get out 😳 do that before they shut down again.

In a casino – you eat, drink, smoke – they allow smoking 🚬 inside. They don’t follow the same rules because they are owned by a reservation.

So people just leave the masks off. 😮

She said there is talk of closing down the casinos again.

I only got to see her for a brief second. She said she is having problems with her family again… I see the dynamic so I can kinda see what’s going on.

I feel bad – her family is very hard on her. They are, but she gets snippy at them too.

My landlord is away tonight – she went to Reno. I am all alone out here 😳😄✌️

No worries though – it will be a nice quiet night.

Also… I have never had Indian food before… I am not familiar with it… IF I were to try…

What are some good dishes? Not too spicy – cause my tummy can be sensitive…

What are the very best Indian dishes?

I’m not sure when I will try it? But I want to know what’s good, so when I do I am ready! Lol – preparing to try it lol ✌️

Do you have a favorite recommendation? My only request is no seafood dishes. Otherwise what is good? I want to taste.

Ok I have to finish something up – but I will be back ✌️😘

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  1. I could recommend you some specialties from here, from Transylvania: blood, a lot of blood… 🙂
    Joke aside, I recommend you “stuffed peppers”: the pepper is cut off the tail and filled with a meat dish (which you like) combined with rice or other cereals (which you also like). The stuffed peppers are boiled in a tomato juice (to be red, like blood 🙂 ).

    Good appetite !

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    1. I have actually made stuffed peppers! They are yummy! I haven’t ever tried them boiled in tomato juice though – that is interesting!! I will have to try that!

      I bet Transylvania has some pretty amazing recipes! That is so cool!

      Thank you 😊

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  2. Tikka Masala is an awesome, easy entry to Indian food. You can also ask about the spice level of curries.

    When I ate at a restaurant in the “Little Indian” area, I let them pick dishes for me (pretty much the same guidelines as you). The veggie side dishes (I have no idea what they were) tasted fantastic!!

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