Todays song

Because Tuesday will be the day of the Hail Marys 😮 omg please let me survive!!

Also … it’s cold and rainy 🤨

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    1. All my Hail Mary’s have gone REALLY well today!! 👏👏

      They can just call me the miracle worker lol ❤️👏👏👏

      Oh I am so happy… currently cause I just completed 3 Hail Mary’s ❤️

      I didn’t know if I had the pull – but I hoped I could and I did ❤️ I’m so thrilled

      Is good Tuesday – knock on wood – I am half way through! 🙏

      Please let my luck continue 🙏🙏

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    1. I have not seen that – but I just looked it up on YouTube

      That’s funny you relate it to the movie 🎦

      It used to be one of my moms favorite catholic songs – there is a few beautiful ones

      It reminds me of church and my mom.

      And I think of it every time I have to pull a Hail Mary 😮🙏 I might even do the sign of the cross lol – just little extra help 🙏 just incase that works and it seems to – so I run with it 😘✌️

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