The Miracle Worker

I think that is a good description of today lol … Tuesday …

Well going into today – I knew I was gonna have to pull a Hail Mary … 🙏 … my heart was pounding hoping I could pull off – I was pretty confident – but on that off chance that I couldn’t – I worried 😧 it was not a sure thing – and I had to keep on it and then – others were great – so I sent cookies as a thank you for helping us ❤️ 🍪 they help me pull off my Hail Mary 👏👏👏

I can “sometimes” have the Midas Touch 😘❤️ (not always – but sometimes)

And then I thought I was done with Hail Mary’s for the day – but that was not in the cards for me. 🤷‍♀️

Then I had to do something … and I got it done but there was another Hail Mary attached … ok fine

I asked for a favor and got it – again ❤️ from someone else – they doing me a solid ❤️👏 … tmrw I buy them lunch 🥗 – they are vegetarian so I gotta figure that one out … I’m gonna call his wife and ask her what his favorite is, because I do not know.

So got that one 🙌

I had two more Hail Mary’s for the day… that I was able to pull off 👏👏❤️ ughhhh so many Hail Mary’s

It was like go time all day long 😮

But I pulled it ALL off ❤️👏

Oh and then – a family came into day – I help families to start … I have a gift with people … anyway … they came in today and met with my director … as they were leaving – they peek in my office and see me and say “are you Trisha?” I said yes and knew exactly who they were – and they cry and say how amazing I have been and were very touched ❤️

I hugged them and they held on tight but in a thankful way 😊❤️ I’m glad I give them some peace in a loss

I have always had this gift – always

In the funeral home it’s perfect – but in my life it can be overwhelming

I do know my gift though. Just in funerals it is more concentrated in a particular field and fits perfect ❤️

Plus I fit in with quirky funeral people lol

Anyway – was crazy day but really good and made progress – way better than being flung around by Monday – and all my Hail Marys today went perfect and I shine ✨

I tell my people – today they can call me miracle worker 😘👏😄 💋

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    1. It was very rewarding to help people – very much … am always very thrilled to give a family peace in a moment that has sorrow … I did that 3 or 4 times yesterday just by chance and luck 🍀

      I pull off the miracles because I have a huge team of professionals I can pull from and I have a good rep being kind & helpful to others … so I call in favors to see if able to help

      But I have a team that helps me perform these miracles lol – I just facilitate and orchestrate miracles lol ✌️👏

      I could NOT pull off any of these miracles without the assistance from others ❤️ who help me without motive or require anything in return ❤️

      But yes … it was very nice after work yesterday – I was burnt out!

      Today I had no miracles – no Hail Mary’s … just crazy work

      I have 4 more that gonna take miracles … think I got it – gonna think that way anyway 🙏

      Is clean up after the one let go 😞

      I have not been able to touch my job at all … so I say to my team – listen I will HAVE to shut my door and you have to operate everything because I HAVE to do MY work!!!

      But just 4 more miracles to go… then be perfect and we can handle easily after these 👏👏👏

      I see light ❤️👏

      I do leave at work when leave – but am also just exhausted – it is nice to leave and come home to peace ❤️ … and Doby ❤️

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      1. Hahaha I only knew it is Star Wars day today – because science saw a death star engulf a planet in the Milky Way 😮 and they said how fitting right before Star Wars day lol

        May the Fourth be with you also 😄👏

        Doby is doing amazing 👏❤️ he is such a sweetheart … he looks like a big bad Doberman lol … but he is a loving sweet funny dog

        He has a gentle loving ness to him… he does get crazy rambunctious and excited – he still has tons of youthful energy lol … he turns one in the month I own lol 😉 … he was born July 16th, 2022 ❤️👏 we got him when he was 8 weeks old 😮❤️

        He thinks he is lap dog sometimes but he is big and heavy now!! I tell him no and he just wants to snuggle and awkwardly sit on me lol 🙄😄❤️

        He is a funny sweet loving guy ❤️👏 I love him so much ❤️ he has a really good life ❤️

        He thinks I am predictable 😄 I am sorta … I come home, let him out and then when he comes back in I change my clothes, and we take quick walk … well he has these motions down to a science … even knowing exactly when his bedtime is 😄😄❤️

        We have routines ❤️👏 he’s so funny with it! If I vary my routine he’s like what are you doing? Lol 😄😄🙄❤️

        Enjoy your 4th 🙌 😉😘✌️ watch out for the death star 🌟

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      2. Haha he sounds wonderful and a real joy to have in your life! 😁🤗🤗
        I still miss our dog and he has been gone almost 2 years! 😔 They really do become part of the family!

        Thank you!! 😉

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      3. Yes ❤️ he is my fur baby

        You DO get highly attached to each other ❤️

        Can not imagine my life without him in it 😮 ❤️ his energy also keeps me alive when not at work lol ✌️

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    1. Hahaha I just play around but felt like that yesterday with all the miracles I was able to pull off

      I was really happy to be handing out peace instead of sorrow yesterday 👏❤️


    1. Thank you for asking ❤️😘

      Yes I am fine – just many things – I mention shortly

      I be back – have to go pick up daughter from school – is late night due to practice for play – been like this lol

      I be back ✌️😘

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      1. We SOOO need that one week in March!!!

        Remember when we shut down and do nothing? Lol

        Lol – it’s either all or nothing 😄

        But I do miss having downtime lately

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