Noticing, Gifts and Train ❤️

Was really Good Friday 👏

Wednesday was Amin appreciation day… but we were too busy to appreciate anything for us, so new guy said to me “ I will buy you lunch on Friday” 👏 Deal

So today he run around doing things (funeral home errands) – but he was also at location at times meeting with families too.

On one of his errands he buy me lunch from really amazing place I picked lol 😘👏

I stopped working and stepped away from computer for few minutes and actually eat our lunches in our reception room

He also got me a gift certificate to get a manicure and pedicure 😮 awww and he said – if don’t like that place let me know and I will get whichever one you like 😮

I did not expect that appreciation- because he just met me 😊 … but is very appreciated – that was very kind and thoughtful 😊 unexpected – was nice though 😊

I have made him feel comfortable and have good direct communication with him… we work REALLY well together – totally same wave length?

Was instant fit! We gonna own this town 😮

Anyway- that was really nice. He was both professional and with a humbleness – yup he can stay

I am glad for my decision to stay 😊 we both excel at our job 😮

We have an event coming up for charity we have to attend …

The charity sent me the food choices and I have to tell them what we want…

Hmm 🤔 I am picky … this is fancy chef food

So right away the fish dish is out – and nope

There is a mushroom ravioli … but eww mushrooms 🍄 bleh – I do not like the feeling of them or taste at all. So no for that.

And last option – boneless ribs … hmm 🤔 it sounds like that one will be ok? But watch them severely chef that up into something weird 😮

I like simple yummy things – if you wanna be all fancy with it – better be good – maybe I should eat before I go? Lol kidding – we see

I’ve been helping someone else too … but this one I do because I remember how is to be young struggling and have loss… so …. I help… but that is my job 🤷‍♀️

And we can all remember what that position is like… so I called in a favor, and saved $400 for them❤️👏

I was excited because I was able to give that young person a sigh of relief? I orchestrated something that will save them $400 – from an important outside entity ❤️

I pulled some strings and asked several people for favors ❤️ and they do for me – but that’s also because I explain reason I am requesting and trying to help

I just helped make things less heavy and traumatic for someone – and others are helping me to help them ❤️

So I was very excited and telling new guy all about it. And he looked at me oddly ? And made a comment “you cared”

Which stunned me – because what?? Of course I care … and this is my work… so…

I do believe I will live forever – light up the sky like a flame 😘 I make ripples …like others did for me, in my life – so yes, I care because I know the difference one person can make in the life of another

I also care because I know the heartbreak several times over and coming. I do not want the family to have a horrible experience – I want it comforting and nice memory… think of with love – not so much pain

So… yes… remember my name

Anyway, it was odd he stopped it there and commented on that – like it was super rare or something for people to care for others?

He helped me return my lady friends car, when she was in the hosp… and then he see me checking on her … and then this… and I had a family who was beyond devastated. Yesterday they very emotional

Anyway, I have them nice and relaxed now. I’m getting them taken care of … they will have a small sense of peace. 🙏

He heard me on phone with them today, and they laugh with me now and are doing ok. I have a comforting strong caring ness and confident with knowledge and kindness – am also professional and walk you through

I know where my strengths are ✌️ just as much as I know my weaknesses – I know who I am and what I can do.

Well anyway – he was listening to the call after I had them happy. And afterwards he comes around the corner and says “Nice”

He has met MANY characters in this funeral area – everyone is different … so I think he’s just getting a handle on who he works with

Cause he kinda just jumped in and swam, not really having time to learn who are – was right away… now he getting a minute to breathe and see who are lol 😄✌️

Well hello there 👋

Anyway I wrote that last night and fell asleep cause it’s like that 😐

I am preparing for my girl friend to stay over and we go to Train ❤️

I am washing sheets and towels and cleaning 🧹… every time I turn around though – someone (🐾) makes some kinda mess 🤨 … is like a toddler


I have grocery app shopped 👍 that comes at 2pm lol

What to wear ?? Probably look hot right ? Cause you know is Train lol ❤️

I’m just gonna enjoy this weekend ❤️

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