Thursday evening

The new guy is still very awesome – I really like him! Good guy! He’s young lol … I only mention that because he does have that youthful full of life and drive spark.

This is the end of his 2nd week and he keeps coming back lol 😄✌️ – he is also a delight to families – he is awesome – he works hard – instantly fit right in – there really wasn’t and apprehension – he fit right in with us! 👏

Is much better environment and going WAY smoother!! 👏👏

I do kinda laugh over one thing lol …

On his first week – he tells us that every morning he will send us a positive motivational quote

Oh that is cute idea 😄… he did one time – otherwise it’s been insane crazy! Lol … too crazy for him to be doing that lol

I remembered that today 😄😄… so I say today in middle of little crazy… hey where are those motivational quotes? 😄

Oh did he light up!! Ok so, he likes positive motivational quotes lol 👏

I saved a few I liked so I can throw them down lol

Here are the positive motivational quotes I will be sending him and our team:

This will be for when I need a pick me up 😄😘✌️

I didn’t show you the ones I saved for Mondays 😄👏 I will share those on Monday lol – no Monday talk when you at Friday ✌️

Anyway – funny – I like him 👏👏👏 night and day!! 😮😮

And my lady that was sick- she still is… they released her from hospital and I went over and made sure she was ok and brought her a heart rate monitor. And she has her pill crusher which she loves ❤️

I also bought her a charger 🔌 because when she was in hospital she didn’t have hers – so I got her a cheapy cheap one – she want to pay me for that and I say no – it was nothing – don’t worry

The next day – she couldn’t figure something out – so when I picked up my daughter we went to go see her … she’s looking better – not as sick… but still weak and a visiting nurse says still pneumonia.

She keeps wanting to go do things … like the minute she got home from hosp – the next morning she wanted to go out and get prescriptions and run to grocery store … ummm no… you just get out of hospital 😮

She was way too weak – there be no way!! So I call a retired friend I have and asked if they could call her and help her … I can’t really leave work during day – I don’t have the staff

So they did and took her thankfully

Now she wants to go to grocery store – I said well what you need – I will grab and drop over

She say she didn’t know what want and has to go look – I also mentioned there is DoorDash! Lol 🙌 … I will have to show her how lol 😘✌️

Anyway… she needs to rest

She said … I told everyone at the hospital all about you and how sweet you are – they all love our story 😮

I laugh because she is so cute with that – she just tells everyone all about me all the time 😄😄

But I do work with doctors and hospitals lol – and That hospital is one of them lol – not that I care or mind … but it is quite the story and she tells it with such thankfulness

Funny how we crossed paths – she almost didn’t come to me 😮 if she had gone the way she usually did… she would have never crossed my path

She was very sheltered so she is new to having friends … it was only her and her husband until he died. She is very sweet woman

I think friends make all the difference … you are not so afraid when you have friends, and friends be there for you – and she needs that! She has no one… and I think she craves friends – was just with husband and they were not social. Happy with each other – shut away from the world 😮

So she just needs friends 😘✌️ I had the same – I can give her friends 😊❤️

She tell me today. “I love you”

Awww 🥰 ❤️ I say “I love you too”

But she should have that peace of friendship before she passes – let her have it for a little while 🙏🙏

She still has pneumonia, but barely. She has to do therapy and things. I will have to visit again and just check on her.

It does kinda scare me that she is 80 😮

AND… on that note … let me chime in 🤨…

Do NOT give me Biden/Trump again!! oMG!!! What is wrong with the fricken world!! Better not – are you kidding me? Ugh …please – neither!!!!

Look… Biden is too old – no president should be beyond maybe 75 … you have an age limit of 35 to BECOME president – can we have some protection from a president dying in office – I’m sorry – I know people can live into 100’s … but just please no – I can not. Sorry.

I am flooded with 70’s and 80’s … so ya know my thoughts are little more on age and not dying – I do not like this one bit!!

Ugh and can I just have a good leader ? Also not a lying stealing crooked jackass? ughhh

Please do not do Trump again – I am still exhausted from having him last time and isn’t he a criminal anyway? why is this even allowed – be gone! ⚡️

Ugh next year is gonna SUCK!! Omg

Who’s the independent? I will probably want that one hopefully – maybe that will happen?? 🙏

Otherwise 🤦‍♀️ ugh I can’t even – it is very stressful either way 😮😮

I never remember things ever being so insane – but whatever – insane in the membrane 🙄😩

Ugh – I don’t wanna end on that terrible note 😝

Oh here… let’s end with this…

Saturday is coming … do you know what that is?? I have a Train concert 🎶 ❤️

Oh yeah – that made it all better 😃❤️ I’m good now lol ❤️✌️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️ omg … Saturday night 😮❤️😵

T minus – 2 nights 😮 gasp 😮 ❤️❤️

Ok I should go to bed because that is making me alive and I need sleep badly!!! Omg I am so excited like this:

It’s not a Disney vacation – but I’m excited all the same ❤️👏

This will probably be my last concert – I had 2 warm ups and the 3rd time the charm ❤️

You won’t beat that lol … no way to top that – and done ✔️ on high note ❤️

But maybe I go with friends if they wanted – you just won’t be able to top this one – unless you repeat it lol … then ok 😄✌️

Alright – good night 😴😘🌙💤 ❤️

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