whatever it takes

My plans change 😮😮 uh oh 😳

Here comes life 😮

Alright so now I be Angel for someone else 😮 cause they are in serious need 😮



Ok – I am nervous cause hope can help them be ok – but I am nervous!!

Should I ask if they want to stay in my extra bedroom? So I am right here if needed?

They have pneumonia, are elderly … and I’m nervous – they want to admit her to hosp – they are afraid of her being alone

She has no one else – is me … no children, lost spouse so … yes?

Ok so … or my son could stay here with daughter and I could go stay with her? But I still have to work and my home is closer to my work if needs me. I am close either way just my house closer.

Yes I am aware how much I have going on – but she really needs someone – she has a good soul – beautiful heart

She is 80 so “what if” 😳😮 so I am nervous – but I want her to have someone – I can be her Angel if she needs


Wouldn’t you want that for your own self ? And she’s terrified 💔 ☹️

Me too 🙏🙏🙏 it will be ok, just nervous …but is not a question IF I help – is just HOW I arrange to do that 😘✌️

And then also little nervous because what if passes away?? 😮😳 so nervous – yes

I have death in my life daily – I just stay away from my own personal deaths emotions, but know they come also – I just don’t handle well 😉 🤫 that’s how I know how to comfort others lol ✌️

But I don’t want someone to live last moments of life without anyone – you have me… so whatever it takes


Ripples – in the life of others

Yes I am aware can not save the world – but I can maybe help to save one? If that is what is meant to be 😮

I think life put her in my life so she would not be alone … and for me to prepare for my mom 😮 … plus I am SURE life has lessons planned 😳


I just asked my son if I can help her – if he would help me do this for her?

He said yes ❤️🙏 … I raised that ❤️

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  1. Wow… generous of you! Figure out what you can do without sacrificing too much of yourself. Think about what you’ll do during downtime. Are you up for the task if she needs physical assistance for bathroom, etc? Maybe ask your hospital contacts about volunteers who visit people.

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    1. Yes … well I went to hospital because she asked me to – she was scared and shaky and has no one else.

      I used to take care of others while I was going through cancer – that is how I survived and then with my own mom – I am used to many jobs such as bathroom and changing etc.

      Her primary care is with a different facility to they are transporting her right now to a hospital that is about hour away from me – but I know that hospital well – I work with them over phone usually

      They have her stabilized but they worry with her age and that it’s respiratory…

      While I was there I asked for water to give her because she was dying of thirst – so they let her have that and I had her drinking water

      And then she had not eaten today just half a banana this morning … so I asked them to get her some food for her belly… but she is vegan and all the food they bring for her was animal products 😮

      I asked if they had any vegan choices and they did not cause that would be through cafeteria for breakfast lunch and dinner but by this time was late and after hours on a Sunday

      So she still hasn’t eaten – she’s a tiny little thing

      She doesn’t have anyone else – only me and the other woman I introduced her too

      Which I have been in contact with and I have her car keys … her vehicle is still at urgent care … maybe I can work it out sometime tmrw to go grab it for her and bring to her house.

      Otherwise I have to wait for word that she is ok 🙏

      The hospital can transport her home and we see from that point what she needs.

      I have all her families numbers but they are older than her and one is blind

      She was only with husband for whole life and they stayed to themselves

      She doesn’t know anyone and doesn’t have kids and the family she has is also elderly and can’t help

      She is a quiet little sweetheart who is just scared and doesn’t know what to do all by herself

      We had convo about what her last wishes are just in case 😳😮 not that I can do anything if not listed on her health care directive which I think she is going to add me… or DPOA – power of atty … and I can at least follow her wishes for her so she be taken care of if something happens – I’ll make sure

      But hopefully she pulls through fine and recovers quick – she is in a hospital and will make sure she has care

      Is not really a sacrifice – people came to me in my hours of need too. We all need someone. She is alone and scared and I totally know what that is like…

      If wasn’t for the people who came to me – it would have been horrific

      I don’t mind – I would rather her have someone than not have anyone.

      To give someone some peace in moments of fear

      I’m ok with that taking my downtime. That I will sacrifice for

      I think she came to my life for reason 🙏

      She wasn’t supposed to come to me in beginning – she called when her husband passed and I took that call – she was scared then too – I spoke to her and got her calm and she said let me have some time to decide what I am doing – so I gave her time and she call me back …

      We’ve been walking together ever since, I didn’t want her being alone after he passed cause she has never been out in world all by herself … so we walk and laugh and I introduce her to some people who might be good for her

      Her age, and that it’s respiratory concerns me … she just lost husband few months ago

      I do think having someone there can make all the difference in recovery from these things and fighting to stay alive

      I don’t want her to be scared and alone – I wouldn’t want that for anyone … if was my mom I would hope someone would do for her 🙏

      She is 3 years older than my own mom

      I’m ok giving my time to someone who needs and should have someone – plus I always calm her

      So I am ok with that. How can I not ?

      And my oldest is ok to help too ❤️ I raised an amazing man 😮 check that shit out

      He knows who his mother is lol 😄😄

      I once got him a job working at a place I worked at very briefly when I was diagnosed with cancer and had to leave … he needed a job – I made a phone call

      And when he started working and they found out who he was and who his mother was – they tell him all kinds of stories making me sound all incredible lol

      And he called me one day and said what did you do to these people? Lol

      I didn’t do anything except be human …

      Recently as in last Friday – someone who works for me only on Fridays … one of my cleaners is leaving … I didn’t know was his last day… but he said to me “thank you for always being human” ?? I said what?? And he said most treat them like yeah yeah whatever do this …

      I joke around and tell them funny stories like what I share here

      I am no more special than anyone… but I do treat people like human beings whoever they are

      I have a gentle but firey spirit – I’m funny and caring … you have to meet me to understand …

      Anyway like I said – he knows who his mother is lol 😄✌️ ❤️

      I was given another reason to stay living … have extra time… so what better way to use that time ❤️✌️ save a life or be there – either way

      When I tell him to call me today … he does and says “yeah what’s up?”

      I said … heeeyyy… so if someone I know is sick and needs help and is 80… can you come help with your sister; if I need to stay with her ??

      And without hesitation he said yes Mum, I can help ❤️

      He knows his mother ❤️👏 Look at that man I raised ❤️

      Anyway… hopefully she is fine 🙏🙏🙏

      I think she is strong ? She loves life – we will see 🙏🙏🙏 I would just prefer her not to be scared either way 🙏

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    1. I think I am ok there… my saving Grace there would be to know she wasn’t scared and wasn’t alone.

      I think I would be more upsetting to know she was scared and alone

      I am very in-tune with my emotions and where my weakness and strengths are – I do know death is difficult … and you really don’t know until you go through it

      If she dies – I will help her then too. I think with her, I have level of compassion to make sure she is ok either way goes.

      Lately I have been thinking a lot about how I handle death or how it handles me…

      Life is lessons that only make you stronger …

      And the world would be an amazing place if people were actually there for each other without motive

      So while everyone else is fighting and the world is going crazy… I can offer a woman who has no one, a little bit of peace ❤️

      Life is precious and so is peace.

      I think I will be ok here 🙏 I would miss her if she passes, but then I would also know I gave her peace when she had no one, and I make sure she taken care of.

      Is ok … I am willing to take the risk and life’s lessons – I should be ok.

      I am a people person even though I like to go away from the world lol ✌️🤷‍♀️

      I go away from the world because I can sometimes be overwhelmed by people … due to all the fighting and craziness

      This is more for peace – and I went through my own things, and know how important it is to feel peace and know be ok – I want her heart to have peace whichever way it goes ✌️

      I think I will be ok 🙏 you never know til you there.

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      1. Thank you – she is in good hands now

        She is in a cardiac unit watching her heart – she has pneumonia and a septic infection which is HIGHLY dangerous at her age

        But they know now and have her being treated and taken care of

        She sounds a whole world better today ❤️🙏

        So thank goodness she went to dr and they discover ❤️🙏🙏🙏

        So yeah I’ll help her however she needs – I don’t have my own mom right here – but I can help her any way she wishes 😊✌️

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