Ahhh – Life

Life gets busy sometimes – and we get caught up in things life throws at us. I’ve been busy and tons of changes happening seemingly all the time!!

Well anyway… I got caught up in life 😮

Recently, I made friends with 2 women who lost their husbands – I adore them BOTH!!

One is picture of health and exercises constantly – she will be 80 this year I believe 😮 she does not look or act it!! ❤️👏 she has positive happy outlook and doesn’t let the world infect that. She stayed at home and has more of an innocence to her

The other used to be sooooo sad … but now not so bad … she still misses dearly … but we all walk together and we talk and laugh and enjoy each other. She is more worldly – she owned her own business and had full life… she’s just kinda quiet at first until she is comfortable and at ease lol

One reminds me of my mom, the other has same name as my grandmother and both are similar to me 😮 anyway… we have fun and laugh together when we walk … they do not seem older – also pairing them together has helped each one be ok with everything ❤️ they are the sweetest ladies ❤️👏

The one who reminds me of my mom – is the one who brought me the stuffed animal bunny to say thank you for everything (I helped her when her husband died) she loves bunnies 🐰 ❤️ her husband would always gift her some kind of bunny decorations or pottery or things

Well I talked to her on Monday and we all planned to go for walk on Saturday (which was today) I said yes that I would plan for that!!

But then during week I get busy and then when I get home I am physically and mentally exhausted … I come home and then I just be quiet from all 🙌

They text me sometimes but not a lot – and they know I am very busy. I make time for them.

Well I heard from one who reminds me of my mom, on Wednesday – and she was sick- thinking allergies 🤧… cause those have been bad for people

So I said – that’s ok we can skip this week. And said hope she felt better

Well on Friday she tell me she sooooo sick and had no one to take care of her – first time she sick all by herself … she has pneumonia 😮

The dr prescribed her to take these giant horse pills 💊… but she can’t do it… they too big…

And I felt bad that she so sick and had no one… plus I do not like large pills either and my daughter even struggles to swallow a tiny Advil

I kept asking her if I can get anything for her ?? But she would say thank you and that I so sweet to ask, but would never ask for anything…

So I got a care package of a pill cutter and crusher in one 😮😮 – you can do one or you can do both … it even came with little cup to mix in with a drink and not taste it… I also got her some OJ without pulp… gingerale… Vicks… and a little blanket bunny (I figured if she loves bunnies and is sick- it would also brighten things for her)

Just makes me think ?? and I should probably check on more often… especially since does not have anyone else 🥺

I get wrapped up in life going going going… but then it reminds you how things could change in a moment 😮

I know they are older… but I never stopped to actually think about their age in terms of losing them 😮 but you can also lose anyone anytime – it’s just I didn’t view it there 😮 I was so wrapped up in life’s annoying shenanigans… I forgot how easy it is to really lose someone 😮

So I will check on them more – I do not want them to not have anyone and have something go bad and then no one knows for days … so I don’t want that… I will check on them more!! I never want to invade or overstep – but I can’t bare the thought of them not having someone, and that’s gotta be little terrifying for them.

Anyway – life sucked me into all its craziness for a minute and I let that engulf me 😮 there was a lot 😳

So now I will be better just to make sure they doing ok! 🙏


She text me thank you about a million times lol ❤️ she is happy and can take her pills now and I be checking on her 😊👏❤️

On a side note of that – I’m not sure if it is the craziness of life and lack of rest? Or if is the pollen or that I am aging lol – probably a mix of the 3 … but I am soooo exhausted constantly

And my daughter say she also exhausted ? So could be the pollen?? We can not get enough rest lately!! Omg … it’s just very noticeable how sleepy all the time 😮 more than normal


Alright so here are some funny things from last week…

I needed tables – but I only had the hearse – I had no choice but to use it to grab the tables lol

So I pull up in the Home Depot loading area with the hearse – grabbing tables and loading them in the back- obviously no one else was with me lol

And before you ask – yes everyone stares lol – whatever … sometimes people make a joke or something but it does catch peoples eyes 👀


And I’m all dressed up with heels 👠 😮 lol so is an odd thing but it isn’t – just not normal for other people lol – welcome to MY world! 💋

Some lady made a joke and I told her, I tell daughter that if she doesn’t keep her grades up – I will come pick her up in the hearse … she is never sure if I am serious lol 😄

And the kid helping me load the tables interjects a story about wanting to use a hearse instead of a limo for prom but they didn’t let him 😮😳

See how my life is?

When I am in the hearse by myself with the windows rolled up – that sound system is pretty bad ass with the bass 💋



Yeah – that’s my generation 💋✌️ lol 😉


💋 lol ❤️👏

So ya know…


I am trying to handle yard things … I bought myself some marigolds to repel spiders 🕷️ if possible

I also bought 2 grape plants 🍇 ❤️ I only planted one but it’s dead now 😳😵‍💫😩 … Doby killed it … so … ok I don’t want to plant anything else if he gonna tear it up lol – let me have a pretty yard lol 🙏 fricken Doby

So now I have to factor a doberman friendly yard … ugh 😑 ok – so plain 😘✌️ whatever

I will put my marigolds somewhere else ..: and I have one more grape 🍇 plant 🌱 ughhh please let them live 🙏🙏🙏 please let me do this – if you have tips – please share

Once I get fence redone I can put lighting and also hang planters off the fence ❤️ so he can’t reach my things but I can still have things!! 😑

Yeah anyway – I have a lot of things I have to do – so 😩 this is not my weekend – next weekend is ❤️❤️❤️ (but I won’t be getting anything done next weekend 😮)



Whatever ❤️ life can chill with its craziness for one weekend

Ok I found ONE good thing about winter – you can hibernate peacefully but when weather amazing omg there is even more to do 😮😮😮 what is that???

Anyway – remember to check on people because it can be hard in the heavy rush of life … ya know… it always takes a village and people should have people. I would want my own mom to have people if she didn’t have any… so yeah – the magnitude of the thought of how much time left at 80 kinda woke me up 😮

I feel asleep there from life 😮

So … I will check on her more – lesson learned there 😮 and then also – I know death calls for everyone someday – and some are closer than others and life will occur … is worth it – I know pain comes 😮

When I am levitating – I soak in all of that happiness so that when the pain comes – I know is a moment to get through and feel pain, is life and must move forward – 🎶 to everything turn turn turn 🎶 ✌️



I usually stay away from death myself – except for my mom – I hope that I can function through her loss – those days will be darkness for a moment 😮

Otherwise I lost all my people in 2017… so I did not view my life in this moment …that I will lose more 😮 ok strength building/life – nothing lasts forever 😮

So yeah – I’m going to be better with that 🙏 even just quick text – although they are not the most tech savvy lol … takes them awhile to respond but also me too sometimes – for other reasons

So yeah lots of things being juggled 😳😮




Ok – sorry I have to go do stuff 😩 I do not have severe motivation 😮😮 I am dragging feet slow today 😘

Ahhhh – Life 😑 I will be back for just reading soon!! I am determined to not be exhausted!!! ✌️

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    1. Yes grapes 🍇 are happy in my area – we have many wineries with acres and acres of grapevines 🍇

      🤔 I will have to find some worm poop … I don’t know anyone over here with that lol … send some worm poop 😄

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