Wash and Shake

I need to replace my washer and dryer …

I love Samsung… but went shopping this morning at Home Depot and Lowes…

Lowe’s is cheaper but if you want my money – you gonna price match that shit 😘✌️ or I walk away

I learned that Samsung had issues with their top load washers starting fires 🔥- I definitely do NOT want that happening



I think I will go through Costco – cause they are cheaper than all!! And give me extended warranty, insurance, will remove and haul away my old stuff… and be way cheaper!!! 😮 *

** plus I do not like to feel like I am at a car dealership with sharky sales people – no thank you … I just wanna see myself – please leave me alone UNTIL I come to you. If I have questions – I will find you. But DO NOT jump on me the minute I walk into look… back it up!! You will lose a sale on that reason alone – do NOT be like car salesman – is fricken appliances – let me look and see what I like and want before you jump and attack

I just have to figure out what I want.

I do really love Samsung appliances… I have a Samsung Fridge and LOVE it ❤️ is HUGE ❤️ And works amazing ❤️

So for washer I want at LEAST 5.2 cu ft… and a large dryer for comforters and things – 7.4 cu Ft preferred

I want top load – I currently have a front load – and I’m not the biggest fan at all … I do not have issues with mold or anything – I clean it always and I leave door open between washes – but I just really do not like the front loader – please load from the top lol ✌️

Currently the one I have now, has an error code – which is telling me computer is bad – so F that – I’m done with it… is a Kenmore anyway – I don’t like it

It won’t take comforters so I have to go to laundromat for those currently 😝

So… I don’t know what brand to get and I don’t want it to be a fortune either – I still have to do my fence!!

I can do maybe $1,600 for both. Nothing more than that. I want a decent set – cause these will be “it”

My brother does not like Samsung – he has LG and loves it – he said he had a Samsung and it did not last for them – they do not like Samsung washer dryer but have other Samsung things

Their LG washer and dryer sings songs lol 😄😄


My best friend said that he has Samsung and everything they own is Samsung – they love it. I told him about the fire problems – but if Samsung is aware then anything being sold at stores at this moment would be fixed and not have that problem. Was recalled so they can no longer sell models that would cause the fire without a fix. Is illegal to sell a recalled unfixed product.

And I have insurance, both on my home and this… would have warranty, and free delivery, free set up with Costco

Does anyone have recommendations or thoughts ?

I definitely need to replace soon – not a rush – but laundry is very annoying right now lol ✌️😝

My washer is dead – no pun intended lol … it came with the house – dryer is fine – but I just want matching set since I will have them for long time. (Hopefully) 🙏


(Also speaking of insurance) should I get earthquake insurance? My homeowners insurance say they have earthquake but is not currently on my home and not required…

We usually do not have earthquakes you feel – once in a blue moon 🌚 you might feel one if is shallow enough and large enough – but is rare – I think last time it was in 2021 – my area is not normally rocked

But this is also the 2020’s and I don’t trust this decade. Maybe for peace of mind?

I always remember watching Paradise, CA going up in flames 🔥 … and some had no insurance and literally lost everything 😮 … many even lost their lives (thanks to PG&E) so ya know – you gotta cover yourself just incase right?

The BIG one is coming – we just don’t know where will hit … Nor Cal? Or So Cal? 😮 … they have been saying that for a long time – but I never want to tempt fate lol – only for good things lol 😘

There are small earthquakes everyday – that’s normal – we don’t feel them usually


I live on the ring of fire – so … maybe just smart idea to have ?



First things first – laundry … any thoughts on brands – keep it moderately priced ✌️ … if you have advice 😘✌️❤️

Then I worry about the shakin


😳😳 just please try not to shake it 🙏😘✌️🙏😳

11 thoughts on “Wash and Shake

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    1. They don’t sell those here as much as other brands and the ones they do sell are compact ones so are smaller- space saving type

      Thank you very much ❤️ Happy Easter to you and yours too 🐣👏❤️

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  1. Samsung does have extremely nice goodwill. Yes, a few accidents happen but they are always in the minority. And if they have previously recalled, it suggests everything’s fixed now. You may still want to consider and look at other offerings, but considering the goodwill alone, I think Samsung will do it.

    I don’t know about the insurance covering earthquakes. Will adding that significantly increase the premium? If not, and if the premium is within the confines of what u will want to pay to have it, go for it. Better safe than sorry as they say.

    God bless you🙏

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    1. I looked at many and read a lot!! I like the size of Samsung and I have had their fridge before and loved it ❤️

      So it comes down to Samsung or LG… but I think I am gonna go with Samsung. Is good size and price right now.

      I have not actually looked into or called to get more info on the earthquake insurance – they just sent me a letter about it.

      It is more of a separate umbrella policy attached to the homeowners policy.

      So I will have to see if worth it and if I am willing to risk that lol ✌️ depends how much they want

      God bless you too, Happy Easter 🐣 ❤️

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  2. Earthquake insurance is a govt program – price controlled so it doesn’t matter where you buy it. The last time I checked (several years) it was about $900/yr for my house. I haven’t bought it… though I think about it often (Long Bch has a big quake in 1933).

    No advice on the appliances.. I feel like everything is the same now and not built to last. My dryer is front load and I looove that I impulse-puchased a storage stand… it puts the dryer door at an ideal height and gives me a bunch of storage.

    Good luck!!

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    1. You are more in an earthquake zone than I am… your risk is higher than mine .. does that make a difference? I am way more inland and 2+ hours away from coast – we do not feel a lot of earthquakes here – but then I don’t want to tempt fate either 😮

      Yeah everything built today is crap! 💩 big heaping pile!!

      Definitely not made solid like things used to be!! Profits profits profits – screw quality

      I don’t mind dryer being front load – just not the washer

      I saw those stands – those are expensive 😮 I’m good – I will bend down lol

      I have a laundry room that has plenty of storage already – some I don’t use yet!

      Thank you for the info ❤️

      What brand of washer and dryer do you have ? And how long have had?


      1. I have no idea of my washer/dryer brands and am too lazy to go out to find out. The washer was 2nd hand in 2002 and is still working, despite being VERY beat up. I love that the entire center aggitator is a lint catcher – the whole thing!!

        I was laughing when I finally grabbed yesterday’s mail… it included earthquake insurance info! Is it a sign? The base price was $550 with a $48,000 deductible and max posessions coverage of $5,000, which is nuts! Plus there’s an unlisted supplemental fee due to being pre-1979.

        I’m guessing a more realistic pkg would be $1,000/yr.

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      2. Hahaha that is funny – must have been a mass mailing lol … that is very eerie 😮

        With mine I have to call and inquire – I do not think it listed the amounts and details – I will have to check


  3. That’s my washing machine there song and all 🙂

    Having used both front and top loaders over the years, l am in support of front loaders more and more so because they are more economical and efficient when it comes to water and energy usage. In the next five years l see top loaders as being outdated and definitely a minority almost clique use.

    American top loaders have wisened up over the last five years especially to being more energy friendly and at least now have settings from small, medium and large loads, but still use a lot of water. Front loaders are easier on fabrics.

    However l couldn’t even begin to tell you what is best for you – you have to do what is best for you and your purse and your environment 🙂

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