Uh oh

What day is it again?? 😮😮😮

We heading to burn out 😮😮

I don’t know how much longer we can operate this way!! We buried – no pun

We need serious help!! It’s gonna burn out.


Breathing and hoping NOT to be a customer!!

I don’t know how much more I or “we” can take

But then, I had to close fh for a minute to run to a cemetery … the next of kin ask for me … was crying … so I hug, comfort and talk to for minute. ❤️☹️

Is beautiful day – and those things remind me of why I do what I do… is people like that – which you don’t want suffering or hurting

So we burning out but then sometimes people make it worth it and you remember why you live in the first place

But still – there’s gonna be burn out – we need help


The job is worth it because there is purpose but is a lot

Omg it’s only morning 😮

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    1. Lol how much work?

      Well let’s say this – it was non stop all day long!!

      And my daughter texted me from school telling me she was gonna go to a friends house after school to do homework & study and I could pick her up at 7pm – I said ok

      At 4:45pm I was having death after death after death… and she texts me – can you come get me at 5:30p

      Nope I can not lady – I am swimming in death right now! I will call your brother and have him get you

      But people and calls kept coming in and she beat me to it – and he went and got her for me ❤️

      So ya know – we getting known… so numbers are up

      We are only funeral home in this town, and then some who are elsewhere will have Preneeds with us (prearrangements for death) before you need … “preneed”

      And they are with us – so we have the town and then some. With just us.

      Today soooooooooo many people cry on me ☹️💔 some hugged and you just felt that emotion

      Young and old

      Just life – that’s why they say live your life and be happy cause you just don’t know when your time is going to be up – don’t live a miserable life and regret didn’t be yourself and enjoy life

      And life is precious

      And the emotions are hard because, some, you know their hearts are bleeding from the inside at the moment

      The ones with the most gratitude are those with the most love in their hearts

      I had a woman tell me today that I was definitely in the right business and thanked me profusely … she had cried on me earlier and – I let her just get it all out – whatever she wanted

      And there was a child and my heart broke for the parents 💔 cause I can’t fathom and the thought alone makes my heart feel bleed

      You have those days – I didn’t take a break and I didn’t leave until 6pm

      Plus there was tons of paperwork and my own job

      But anyway – it pours in with cases and hearts

      Little overwhelmed – but again you have those days … you leave it at work.

      This is where I tell you “balance”

      This is why my funeral people ARE ALL hilarious ❤️ we are quirky and funny and goofy … but you see us and we are composed

      We balance each other to still enjoy moments in life between that

      Sign of strength to be able to handle such devastation everyday, yet balance with humor and good people

      And then come home and just wanna chill… be away from the world and soak in the peace

      If you don’t – life will kill you 😉✌️

      I have a current lesson life and death are “trying” to teach me… but it takes me awhile to listen ? But we see

      I love the job because I help these people… and they hurt so… they need care

      Also I am a type that prefers to focus on others things cause takes it off of mine 😉

      I am learning lessons still ✌️

      But I am home… not that it means anything cause they already call me with another death call 😩😩😩

      Please stop dying!!!! ✋ mercy 🏳️

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    1. Nope – did not go that way!! See other response above 👆 😞 and still not

      So is the baby boomers from WW2… and then don’t forget about how todays world is – with so much stuff coming at kids and young people – self medicating with drugs or alcohol is a thing!! And then they end up with me at young age

      And babies – life is precious and fragile

      Cancer sucks – there is that too

      A lot of Alzheimer’s or dementia

      So add those all together and BOOM 💥

      Is just how death works and is a job just like rain …

      Sometimes it sprinkles

      Sometimes it pours

      And you better hope it doesn’t MONSOON RAIN
      (The North American version of Monsoon 😮) – no lie it can rain buckets in Arizona!!!

      You know how you go to a water park and one of the things there is a crazy large bucket that sits up high, and fills up with water and dumps over on all the people? It’s rain like that!!! It’s insane!!!

      But yeah my job is like that

      Hope people are done dying for right now please 🙏

      I need death to stop a minute – chill

      I kinda think of “I Love Lucy” at the chocolate factory lol

      Is like that – only not chocolate!! I could use some chocolate lol 🍫

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      1. I am afraid of today!! Please don’t let it explode in my face omg!! 🙏🙏🙏

        Today will be a shit show – I already know this

        My only saving grace is that it is Friday ❤️

        But Saturday I have to go and pick up an organ … as in musical organ – not body organ lol ✌️just clarifying lol

        I have a team to help me with that and I have to rent a uhaul today

        And then storm comes in again on Sunday 😮😩😩😩


        But yeah today will be a shit show – pray for me for sure

        I do not want to be my own customer – so definitely pray for me!! 🙏😳

        I just NEED summer!! Soooooo badly

        My numbers are up so business is good 😳 but only good if you can handle and I don’t know about that!!

        I can handle but not by myself!!! Whew 😥

        Ok well I already know will be shit show – so I am bracing for the day!!

        Please have mercy 🙏

        Thank you though ❤️ I am thankful is Friday!! Totally!!!

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      2. I made it – knock on wood!! Barely!!!

        Nah – still bad … people just won’t stop dying at moment … ugh

        My fears were correct but was nice to work half day at home

        I still worked and spoke to person after person and handled things – was like being there, but at home. Lol

        And Doby was like – hey… why are you not pay attention to me when you home?? lol 🙄

        I did not have to be distracted by location things so that was nice ❤️

        Thank you very much – that was a very kind thing to say. ❤️

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      3. Well I have to work little this morning – just half assed from home – I am helping a family with something major – but just found out I can not do anything til Monday 🤨… and I have to do training which I never have time for so I have to have overtime to do training – otherwise I can’t fit it in!! So whatever 🙄 I can do half ass from home ✌️

        On a good note – no deaths occurred over night 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 ahhhhhhh ❤️

        A death free / drama free weekend would be really awesome!! 🙏

        Storm moving in tmrw – but whatever – I’m used to it now – I give up – that also makes me groan lol 😘✌️

        Mother Nature kicked my ass this year!! Holy moly

        But thank you 😊❤️

        I hope your weekend is really awesome too! 🙌

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      4. Wow… I just saw France on the news!! About your raising age for pension … you making news over here

        Whoa 😮 lots of fights huh?

        That’s sad cause I like your president… he is in my top 5 leaders I like lol ✌️ and that’s saying something because generally I don’t think leaders do well

        I understand what they say … life expectancy rising and pension system strained could go away

        We had something similar with our social security

        What is the age France can go on pension currently? What do they want to change it to?

        The problem leaders do not understand is if you have a system that gives people money and try to take that away – you will get kickback…

        Plus when is regarding money… you get a dependent population… and today is hard enough – some are at mercy of that money

        When you mess with peoples money all hell breaks lose 😮

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      5. Yes, this has been rumbling in the background for some time and was one of the complaints of the Yellow Vest movement which never really went away but lost momentum when covid lockdowns hit! The President was and remains profoundly unpopular outside the metropolitan areas.

        At the moment, you can legally retire at 62 and receive full pension payments if you have the right number of contribution years (41) behind you. When you hit 67, you get a full pension regardless of how many years worked. The govt is increasing the years worked part of the formula which will push retirement to 64 years.
        What is grinding gears here is that despite years of saying he will listen to voters and consult etc, the President has got the Prime Minister to force the legislation through parliament without a vote. If the opposition was not so fractured, there would likely be a vote of confidence that the govt would lose. Let us see. Given what has happened in Holland, I would not be too surprised at anything!

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      6. Your yellow people sound like trouble makers – cancel gen – make people mad and revolt

        Your president is my brothers age 😄😄 omg

        Our FULL retirement age depends on when you were born … mine will be 70 😮

        But you can start social security at age 62… but will be less than full amount … it increases as you age

        Your social security here is based on your lifetime earnings – they calculate earnings for years you make the most.

        You need to have worked at least 10 years to earn 40 credits – however … you can get social security without that too – if you are nonworking spouses, ex-spouses, offspring or parents may be eligible for spousal, survivor or children’s benefits based on the qualifying worker’s earnings record.

        I did see that on news that they try to be sneaky and push that through REALLY quick – I was little taken back with how that was done ? That was a bit shady 😮 but I don’t know your government

        I will have to read about Holland 😮 I don’t know what is going on there 😮 I know nothing about Holland 😮

        All countries have to have their political issues and system failures that are broadcast to the world lol … that’s a little humorous … we all take turns lol 😄😄🤨🙄

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      7. Your system sounds a lot like ours!

        Holland? Well, a newly formed political party (popularly dubbed the farmers freedom party) has just done very well in the elections there. Their message seems to have been – enough with the status quo, we need new ideas and fresh faces in power! Let’s see! 😉

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      8. Thank you!! Not to worry! It is a tried and tested tactic – burning bins and smashing windows in central Paris makes for good tv; out in the sticks, we will just see demonstrations at road junctions. 🙏

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      9. Yeah 😮 I saw the trash all over the streets of Paris and was like ummm ok? You do live there – do not create plague!! That’s how plagues start!!

        I didn’t see the smashing windows and burning bins though… I did see France’s riot police and huge demonstrations

        Very similar to when we get mad over something 🤷‍♀️ minus the trash 😝

        But we also do riot police and people break windows to loot over here

        At least they are not looting hopefully 🙏

        Same – big city areas severe with fights – country is more hmm, subtle in their tactics lol

        Flags on cars, posters or bumper stickers lol

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      10. I know 😑 … I want to say that we are all adults – can we act that way? And figure out rationally ?

        But… then I think about these leaders and the only way they will listen is when society revolts 🤨

        I can imagine how hard being a leader is … I know he is also judged on his privilege ? He was the lesser of your 2 evils lol ✌️ I know that

        They are all evil – they are politicians – boss level of sketch 😉

        But I feel like he has a good heart? I liked his diplomacy when he tried to help with Russia – I think he has a good heart?? He’s just a politician and has power, but remember he is also only human and life is always learning

        Also… sometimes people don’t always like things that would benefit them in long run…

        The problem is governments are sneaky and back handed. They don’t be upfront and don’t say the truth … and they hide shit

        And you can’t take away things or change things and not expect a fight lol

        I read an article that said he didn’t expect all this lol ..that did make me chuckle cause umm?? Then why the swift back door operation and again you messing with peoples money. How you not expect outcry?

        Even with Covid people fought that lol 🙄

        If they aren’t going to listen to a pandemic, what makes anyone think they have any power with the public? Lol 🤷‍♀️

        Once you lose confidence in your people – you are done ✔️

        Nice little tightrope walk there lol ✌️

        I see the world little more now and realize that ALL the countries and ALL the governments are cracked and broken lol 🤷‍♀️

        No wonder we have so many end of world prophecies lol

        Ya know??

        Ahhh humans lol ✌️

        See we aren’t much different than medieval times 🤷‍♀️

        He’s just lucky he doesn’t live then – cause you guys did beheadings and things 😮😮😮

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    1. Yeah no – was a runner in high school – but not now

      They never call me out to cemetery or to allow to close funeral home

      I didn’t expect that today but I had to – no choice

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      1. Well, I had to because someone forgot something… but next of kin was asking for me anyway

        I make people very at ease and then I am also comforting, and I have been through death so much I know what words are ok and what is not… I know what words I didn’t want to hear while going through death… I know what words and actions comfort – so if someone really struggling they always ask for me.

        It does break my heart though to see the pain in someone’s eyes and tears 💔

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      2. Yes – I stay because I love to help someone through these things

        I always think of “It’s a Wonderful Life” Christmas movie. ❤️

        The ripples that occur in someone’s life because someone was there.

        And I was in this position few years ago when I lost my family 💔☹️

        It’s heartbreaking 💔 so I like to comfort and help

        I like the purpose of it… I don’t like people to suffer or hurt – I can feel that ✌️💔❤️

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      3. Thank you ❤️

        Yes… I do have kind/soft heart – so I am careful with it ✌️

        But I have a firey-ness lol… if someone mistreated or taken advantage of … OR… if try to take my freedom – yeah I have a fire in those areas lol ✌️

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      1. Well ya know – devastating things do happen… but if you can survive all events will lead to amazing … you have to keep strength and have spirit never let the world take that from you and know how to survive it strongly

        If my father had not died … other events leading me here would not have happened

        So with every devastation, there is a silver lining to brighten – it’s all how you live it 😘✌️❤️

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      2. I am very sorry for the loss of your father. I have neither father nor mother. Both of their deaths were devastating. I hope that you can get through the grieving process, as it is designed for healing

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      3. I haven’t truly lost my mom yet – she is approaching end stage Alzheimer’s – she doesn’t remember my name but she remembers my spirit – she lights up when I walk in and then clings to me until I leave – and when I leave we cling to each other and cry – she doesn’t let go of me and I don’t wanna let go of her – I have to tear myself away 💔 it’s awful on the terms I never wanna leave her side

        I’m so sorry for losses too – I hope you have peace and and processed …

        My dad went fast – but we thought he wouldn’t … but we were already on borrowed time 💔 was last thought on our mind because he was a cancer survivor too… what we used to save his life killed him… but we never would have had extra time if we didn’t

        Then my grandfather and my grandmother , both died one right after the other like chain reaction – then my mom got Alzheimer’s and I got cancer so it’s been a ride for sure

        I was not ready to be left alone and went through cancer myself – my aunt who is divorced from my blood uncle … she was a nurse … so I would go in my appts – they would speak all doctor … I would go to the car call her crying – I am in California – she is in Massachusetts

        She would explain what they saying to me and calm me so I could drive without tears – she helped me walk through that ❤️ I never told my mom I had cancer because I didn’t want that trauma of her first born daughter having cancer to advance the Alzheimer’s – I don’t know what earth be like without her on it

        She’s not really there anyway … but will still crush me 💔

        – I have a brother … I love him – we are all that is left … we are close

        I have a sister too – I love her too, but she lives and chooses her own life – so be it

        I am the oldest – when my mother dies I am the matriarch

        I thought Alzheimer’s would be respite because I could have time to process and accept – especially after so much death

        But it’s not – it’s worse … because I watch her suffer as she leaves me 💔

        It’s worse than if you were to just rip off bandaid

        Yes the other deaths were a 1… 2… 3 punch punch punch … and then her with Alzheimer’s and my cancer so I have processed the others

        It will be my mothers death that will rock my soul 😳

        All that stuff occurred in 2017 … I have processed the losses – just not my mom yet, I have her / but I don’t 💔

        Don’t want her to suffer it kills me … and she has such a kind beautiful heart even with Alzheimer’s – her personality still shines through like a ray of sun ☀️

        We still make each other laugh ❤️ if I bring up vacations from the 80’s – she comes alive with me ❤️

        But I also do not want to lose her … so that is hard because my heart bleeds 🩸 I love her

        It is her that will rock my world!


      4. Thanks for sharing all that you have been through; I am very sorry. My brother died of a heart attack, much to you young. My mother had ALS; she died in my presence, and I saw her taking her last breath. It is only my sister and I who are left from our family. We have a wonderful relationship, and always have had it.

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      5. That’s ok … is how life is. I am strong

        This is the way it is… so you make best with what you have and love and appreciate as much as you can – and enjoy the moments you can

        I’m so sorry for your losses too! 💔 I want to be there for my mother also 🙏❤️

        I’m glad you have your sister ❤️ … I am very thankful for my brother ❤️

        Is comfort having him ❤️ my blood 🩸

        Do you live close?

        We do not… I am in California … my brother is in Texas … and my sister is in Maine

        We have east coast, west coast and the south covered lol


      6. I have been through Georgia but never lived there – beautiful area. Not a state I am overly familiar with.

        That is nice to have each other so close 👏 I miss my siblings a lot – love when I get to see them … but when I leave it is cry fest and you have to pull me away lol – it’s hard

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      7. Aww yeah me too – but I do put them here 😄😄

        To write helps to heal 😉 and also helps me think through things – sometimes I solve my own problems that way lol ✌️😄

        Ya know – sometimes ya gotta McGuiver life to get through it so – use what helps 😊✌️

        And then if anyone can ever relate … maybe would help them through moments of their life? 😉

        People did that for me with cancer, but I’ve always been this way anyway – just during cancer others prepared me before I walked through it – but I didn’t know that then… as I went through it their words and photos helped me

        So … ya know – just puttin it out there lol ✌️

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