Deep Breaths

I’m gonna try to be really fast here ??? Because I am exhausted!! But I have a couple things to quickly share …

Ok let me see … I literally just applied for for something I don’t know yet … I am not sure if would be ok or not. We will see – I will tell you if I go this route lol ✌️

I wrote the cover letter, introduction and attached resume 😮😮😮

My heart raced 😮 I also question what I am doing.

But we see – shot in dark. I wanna see my chances – I just wanna see

My mom would always use “relations”… so she would say is like I am dipping only my big toe in the water, instead of fully jumping in lol … yes! I do not like the shock of jumping in ice cold water lol … I want to “feel” it first. Lol make sure it’s ok.

So we see 😮😮

Ok … ready 2023?? Ok deep breaths!!

Ok well throw the dice and let them land 😮😮

And then… on another subject… I bought a lotion… not just ANY lotion… I bought it because was a lotion my grandmother used all the time!!

When it came – I put it on right away – Omg deep breaths … there she was ❤️ her smell…

And since I put it on – omg … I smell so amazing just like her ❤️ I keep smelling myself and I instantly think of her ❤️❤️ I just love the smell ❤️❤️

It makes me remember my home ❤️ and her ❤️

I just wanna smell all the time ❤️

My Nana and Massachusetts ❤️

My whole life Boston was always there and a place I was – my one constant always ❤️ I love the feeling of her and of Massachusetts ❤️ that is where I get my spirit from 😉😘✌️❤️

Songs bring memories to you… and scents can also trigger some pretty incredible memories ❤️

I am gonna just be smelling myself constantly 😮 I can’t stop currently – I smell that smell and I just think of her … and Massachusetts ❤️

Ok so I will have to respond later – I’m sorry – I’m so tired… I be back though when able

Good night 🌙💤 ❤️

Ps – I wish you could smell me ❤️✌️

Smell ya later lol 😘❤️✌️

8 thoughts on “Deep Breaths

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    1. Lol well we will see if I even get a response

      I don’t know if I do it right?? So we will see lol

      Yeah ❤️ brought me back instantly – I had forgotten all about the lotion and I was thinking of her and remembered that – so I ordered it

      And yes the scent absolutely makes me go back in time

      She was always beautiful and always smelled so nice ❤️

      Reminds me of home ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah well – I know sensory importance lol ❤️✌️👏👏

        Songs, smells, feelings, tastes

        🙌 🫶

        Is not same without her or being away from where I knew always as home… but it takes me back in my mind to remember ❤️

        Haha always usually smiling 😊❤️

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes – I am completely loving the lotion ❤️ a great purchase! 👏🫶

      Yeah ya know – I don’t know what I want – I look at all the things – and I don’t like anything there 🤷‍♀️ I don’t see anything I want?? Or that would be qualified for without a BA … have none of that.

      I want to wait for something I really love lol – like with all things 😮😘


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