What’s happening

Well alright – hello 👋

My goodness what a week it has been …

We gave a Christmas to a family who needed some spirit this year ❤️ it was heart touching

More smiles now instead of tears ❤️👏 won’t always be no tears … but for moment they had smiles

I love my girls – they are awesome – we have great group!! ❤️

So work has been going good at moment – today was peaceful


I am so excited to be headed into spring now!!! I was so excited on the 21st cause that is the winter half way mark!! ❤️ ahhhhhh spring is coming!!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 half way there – right over the hump!!

2022 was crazy sorta went fast? Cause here we are …

Last year at this time … I was trying to buy my house… I was still out in middle of no where 😮 it is coming up on ONE year!! 😮😮😮

I was still working in Sacramento 😮😮😮

Omg 😳 wow. 🤯 dang check out my shit lol

I didn’t even have a dog yet 😮

It’s just been nothing but crazy change 😮 wow!


Totally did not give anyone my heart last year lol

It’s like life is suddenly like “ok enough… you have had enough time”

So over the course of this year life was like… ok here start with this, then this … etc and kept adding on…

And here I am … wow kinda crazy? 🤯

I try to lay low and never be noticed – I just like peace around me. I don’t wanna be bothered

I pour into my kids and work and on my own time I go away from world and stay away!

I also don’t follow pop culture, news or social media … once in awhile I peek at news 📰… but I usually can’t take too much – I don’t like this world

So anyway – I don’t know anything you speak of with pop culture or tv or anything – whatever … enjoying my 1985 quite proudly thank you 😘✌️


My coworkers will talk about events or tell me things – sometimes I have to google cemeteries or other funeral homes and when I have to search sometimes there is news lol meh

But mostly I stay away… I am alive at work and with kids or friends. And especially in WINTER!!! I am not a person who wanna go out in cold at all lol

Anyway… I never think of that as being bad at all 🤷‍♀️ I like the balance and peace of it after work – we see things and stuff so ya know … I like my little compound full of peace and awesomeness ❤️

I think of it as wonderful ??? Also I do my own thing so I like that better. And I kinda appreciate the absence from all the tech or world chatter

I just can’t anymore – my work is hard enough / I don’t need to know how bad it is. So way better to build and love the life you want … and I just feel better in peace

I can not handle the politics on either side or any of the stupid shit Omg

And then of course all the bad stuff … so ya know I am also protective with own self …

Only music escapes my avoidance lol

So I dunno – I never even ever think of it as bad – Omg it’s incredible – you know life!!! I can’t even explain that ❤️


So… is that bad? Yeah I know little extreme – whatever … at work I am normal lol … for a funeral person lol 🤷‍♀️😘✌️ we are quirky lol ❤️

But I never thought to think someone wouldn’t want that?? Lol … cause it’s amazing to have life to own self ❤️👏 I don’t want the weight of world – I see weight of death – I’m good … I like my peace

It’s not bad right?

Well I dunno I have a lot of reasons I prefer that way

And then ya know military 😮

I don’t know what to say?? 😮

Well first of all … I was just simply enjoying his company nice and chill … and then he kept wanting to take me to dinner or something lol … ok … and we did go to dinner few times …

So ya know, I had guard with him for a lot of reasons… but he definitely knows how to keep my attention 😮 and not make me run 😮 oddly?? I don’t know how he does that but he does!?

He is tender and kind and sweet… gentleman… just amazing? 😮

He’s perfectly happy just being with me. Just simply

And we talk – we talk about my things – it is very hard to really speak my things – I don’t really like to say much. But I share a little

And then ya know … I know he has pain so we talk about that… and I want to make sure he heals and not take on so much …

We can do nice relax and chill

He is all in 😮 no if ands or buts … signed sealed and delivered 😮

Sometimes he makes me teary with things – I don’t say much but that he does not need to do things for me… but when I say that …he says he will go slow but he wants to do things for me

Sometimes that or sweet things he says make me cry ?? Oddly also… cause is wave of emotion?

But he is sweet kind and understanding. He just can’t ever help himself in this area!! But I understand

And he’s been through a lot recently too so ya know he has his quirks lol …

I am way way way more peaceful and calm than he is? Well sorta ??

I am comfortable with him so I am at ease – we laugh and talk and stuff … when he is with me he is relaxed and also comfortable so is nice

He has big family – I have my kids and my mom, brother and his family … but here only my kids

So ya know … I do not like attention or massive things … I like to move slowly … life gets fed up with me on that one often lol … it will end up forcing me

But I like to fly under your radar – not be noticed… I also am really bad at this too … but I PREFER to not draw attention – I am silent type lol … but I also go REALLY slow

He may know this??? Because he does not move slowly at all lol … he was kinda struggling because he is close to his big family and we were kinda keeping it very quiet because ya know – I am learning him is new … so on the downlow we had many dates

… he did several dates right away lol … lock that shit down! Get me to know him and like him – never being asshole – just gentleman ❤️

He’s like really romantic too 😮🤯 so I dunno


I keep telling him be careful – things are gonna make me cry – be easy

😮😮😮 so yeah I don’t know 🤷‍♀️

Anyway he is close to his family … and then kinda really happy with me and then so he keep talking about me!! And then they start noticing because of that and he just could not stop and still can’t lol


He wants me to meet them on Christmas Eve … I told him maybe that is not the day to be like “ oh hello” … cause ya know that’s kinda family time and I am just little uncomfortable – little bit … just because of the day … but he say no they want you to… and please so ok fine … ok

So whatever – I’ll make quick appearance and I have to get back – I’m gonna be real fast

Omg meeting his family on Christmas Eve

He is very serious – I want to make sure he is not covering pain with me but then he insists no, and we have fun and laugh and he’s just awesome

Today he text me and say hey can we go Christmas shopping tonight after work?

Umm ok? 🤷‍♀️

So he come get me and take me to the mall … he want to just buy me things omg

Ok so while I love the thought and appreciate … I am sensitive little bit there … I don’t want to be at mercy … I want to be able to stand beside 😘 not behind so … he steps carefully cause I tell him to

But he is very bad at that!!! Omg

He trying to buy me dresses and shoes and things

Ok this is not slow … but not just that … he just pours on every possible area of romance you could think of … and then we talk and connect and can at least understand each other … he makes me laugh all the time ❤️

He’s really incredible to me with his words and so far also actions … I like him a lot

I’m ok with it – I am comfortable with him … he may proceed lol

Also I do not feel any fear or panic at all so I’m ok

He just floors me though 😮 he came in slow and careful … then once I open door he quickly locked down some dinner dates lol

I just am uneasy with doing things for me or buying things for me … and then of course meeting family on Christmas Eve for like 30 minutes

I am just uneasy because I enjoy liking him and knowing him on an even level… but now since I do like him – he amps it up 😮

He is sweet and thoughtful and again very thankful – but ya know, go easy

I like who he is as person … and I find him amazing … I like that we kinda heal each other ? Cause we just enjoy the time – is nice

He is very full of life and always going lol … I am not this way typically – but I am enjoying time with him

He is going full throttle 😮😮 I tell him I am little boring and ya know kinda quiet – he does not care

I am way more quiet – I think he does like attention 😮

But he’s really amazing TO me and WITH me 😮

Ok well… here comes 2023 😮 it’s gonna blow my mind 🤯

Ps – I’m late ⏰ I just wake – I forgot to set alarm 😮😮😮 ok let’s see if can actually make it on time??

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