Ok well what I gonna say? I don’t know what to tell you 😮

He can NOT control himself with trying to impress me Omg lol … I have never seen a man work so hard lol …he’s very sweet and funny

He is romantic 😮 and old school 😮

We make each other smile so is nice …‘he’s such a gentleman

I also just want him to make sure he is ok with me … but he is completely all on board 😮 he just already head over heals!! 😮

He thinks I am perfect – be careful with that… that has happened all my life … people think I am perfect but I am not … I am simple human who is not perfect 🤷‍♀️

He said I was rare like hope diamond 💎 😮

Like when you buy a house – at first it’s amazing – perfect and then you notice imperfections little by little lol

He thinks I am really beautiful and tells people about me? He has completely fallen – I just want him to take time

He is also bit of whirlwind 😮

I talk to him all the time now? Which is fine… it’s not crazy – and he’s a nice break – I like him – we laugh a lot and he makes me feel comfortable – I do not feel panic around him – I feel safe

There will be challenges though – is ok … when at that point we deal with it

Ok so… after daughters friends left on Saturday … he texting me…

He asked me if I would like to go to church with him on Sunday

Hmm 🤔… no lol … I just have hard feelings with church- that does not mean I don’t believe in certain things – I am just not church type and feel kinda strongly with that – I like my own religion to myself… I do not need church to pray or believe

I just have harsh feelings with church that I dunno if I want to really deal with. Whatever – what’s it matter? Happy as is.

So I just tell him I have feelings with church that I am not sure how to think about at this moment

Plus the church is not a Catholic Church 😮😮 you would have a better chance at getting me to church if was catholic even though I have hard feelings

I am very guarded with church things

But then he tell me why? And how he came to that… meh ok well fine maybe

But I am just not ready for anything churchy… that’s just not me – I’m very quiet and to self there

I can’t do church things at this time or ever ? I can promise nothing there – I am not ready and may not be. I’m just not there

I will try to be supportive of however he wanna be … but I just can’t do that at this moment

But he come here to take me to lunch after he went to church … he also bought take out for my daughter ❤️

He dressed up 😮 he looked all handsome

I am enjoying time with him – he is funny … he thinks of me all the time and tries to impress me always lol … he says the sweetest things

We are flirty – he is fun

I like him

He like this:

We just bring comfort with things to each other – he hates to not be around me… but I want him to watch that perfect thing – I don’t want to be perfect – I want eyes wide open

I have things he helps me heal from and same for him so it going well.

He just can not stop wanting to impress me or do things for me … which is fine but just go slow cause I cry in areas sometimes

I am feisty … I do not need him – but I like him so I want him

He likes that – but then wants to take care of me lol

So I dunno?

He takes any chance he can to see me ❤️😮 he wanna be there so bad 😮

I’m just still little scared… just a little – not when with him … I feel safe … but I’m just scared of things so we see

He does good so we see 😮😮😮

Ok have to go to work – I am dragging my feet this Monday lol 😮😮 I did not have time to relax this weekend lol ✌️😘

Oh I need down time so badly – what are my chances with Christmas coming – omg hurry up spring!!!

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    1. We do, we do fun things and laugh constantly – he keeps trying to make me laugh or tell me stories

      We see – I will post soon – I do like him, alot… so we see … I notice few things – not totally concerning but maybe to me? We see – I explain shortly

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