Play that song 😮

So I don’t know what to say ???

I don’t know what words I have ???

So I tell you – and you tell me …

Yesterday military ask me if I let him take me out Saturday evening … well ok – we needed to talk about stuff and I’m getting to know him – so ok… it’s winter I’ll give you some time – we see …

I live off a wine 🍷 trail… it’s a road with some incredible wineries that are just beautiful…. I don’t usually drink… so never visit but I know how beautiful they are…

Their wineries are over these incredible hills – it’s very beautiful ❤️ some have restaurants and are incredible foods – those ones I know.

On the ride there … we talking … he say something about golf ⛳️… and I mention who I was

Then he lights up and says “that’s where I know you from!! I remember you” 😮😮

I said …what? I was familiar to you?

He said that he felt like he knew me, but couldn’t place where he knew me from. But he said now that I said that – he absolutely remembered me 😮 and then smiled really big

Ahhh life before death lol ok … so he remembers me. I don’t remember him – I see so many people then. I could think maybe vaguely … but then I am not sure – I just see so many people all the time back then

That’s interesting

He knew me in life before death 😮

That makes me remember back then – it’s been so long … I forget that life.

Anyway … so ok … we get to this winery 🍷 and it’s beautiful but sooo different – it’s in a cave 😮 but really beautiful – with twinkle lights and everything… live entertainment – just one person singing and other playing guitar 🎸… it was beautiful. They were softly playing

We did a wine tasting and talked … I tell him what I thought and how I felt … he say let me just help you and we take slow

He also kept saying I so excited to be here with you.

He turning on a lot now

And then after that we went to dinner at this really beautiful Italian restaurant in town – dim lighting really romantic-ish

He was gentlemanly sweet respectful

Ugh and we have a lot in common

He say he knows I have guards and he does too, but let’s just take life as comes slowly

Ok well that does not feel slow at all

I tell him some of my story so he understands ?? He says he does

And then says he wants me to come over and he will cook me a dinner, and he lives in a beautiful place – he wants to have dinner by the fire and Christmas 🎄 tree and show me Christmas because I deserve that 😮

He say that 😮

Boy is good 😮 dang – sweep a woman 😮

He is military so I’m not overly surprised …

He just leaves me in awe

Then he say to me… just promise me one thing

Ok what?

And he say – promise me you will take care of yourself and stay around for me… I could not handle another loss. I want you around

Ahhh … so how I supposed to be hard? And then I gotta do things I am scared of 😮

So I dunno 🤷‍♀️

I don’t know if reading this you get the full picture?

He kinda blinds me with things he says and does?

I do have caution with his “slow fastness” but I do understand his reasoning why – I tell him how I feel with things … and so does he

He definitely tries to impress me or that is just who he is?? I don’t know? He is so happy when I am with him lol – he smiles all the time

Ok so there is that going on. 😮

He calls to say hello… and tells me he misses my soft voice

And texts good night every night and keeps saying how much he likes me …

I said I was thinking about him one time when he texted … and he replies that he has been thinking of me non stop that I am all encompassing


And in the morning he text me hello and say how much enjoyed and thank you for time 😮

Boy is good – knows his shit … damn military 😮 they train you well lol

Not to say I am not cautious… I am … but damn

And then also… sometime people cross your path for reasons – you either gonna be a lesson or a blessing so we see

Ok military – we see

I kinda live la vida loca sometimes 😮

It is very hard to stay really hard

My life – omg – whoa

I don’t know what to think 🤷‍♀️

10 thoughts on “Play that song 😮

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  1. Mm, l know l am cynical, but then when younger l used to be a player as you know, l also used to be an escort with a smile and a warm hug and l have seen all sorts of behaviours from women and men.

    Whilst being involved in deep meaningful relationships changes you – there are elements to your brain as a man and some women l should imagne that are hard wired to certain things and behaviours from others.

    My father was a military man and l know military lifestyle behaviours from afore – there is a swagger to those in the forces – a generalised cockiness a bravado that l never fail to see today in ex military.

    So when l say this l say so as your friend albeit virtual – be careful – be extremely careful of that mourning and loss line – be mindful of the awe! and aaah factors.

    Mt Military might well be genuine BUT even as you write this and l see the picture, l have little bells ringing from my own ‘before meaningful relationship life’ which is a lot like your own life before death life. He is playing the blurred line strategy game.

    There are lines and then there are blurred lines and crossed lines too. Mr Military is dropping many blurred lines but l am cynical and l will accept that l am.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes – I am too

      It just amp’ed up really fast 😮

      So in that case I’m not sure why 0-60?

      And yes I am aware who I deal with. I am aware of military swagger lol … he does have little bit of cockiness

      I am cautious still – he is pouring on pretty thickly

      I am also skeptical

      I still keep caution ⚠️ I’m watching – we see

      My concern with it is just that if go so fast, and blind with romance and things… what is that preventing me from seeing or knowing?

      I still have caution too ⚠️

      I’m not gonna throw my life away for someone who isn’t sincere so I’m watching him

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t usually either.

      We were at a winery 🍷

      I didn’t drink much… just few sips – they had given us each a small tray with tastes of 4 different wines

      I tasted each one but didn’t drink it all

      Plus I wanted to be sure to speak my mind and not be clouded

      But was nice.

      I don’t want that to be reoccurring thing… but was fine

      I am watching what he’s doing, I’m still cautious

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes but I am also watching that

        Cause I don’t want him trying to cloud me? I want to see clearly not clouded.

        😘❤️ is ok I watch him and then I come here for opinions because I am unsure with my footing here and he turns it up pretty fast

        So we see


    1. Well we see … he is just pouring on the romance 😮

      But I think part of that is healing for him and then I guess is healing for me too? I dunno – we see

      I just keep my eyes open 👀

      It makes me nervous having a man kinda come in close so little guarded with that… we see

      He is supposably taking me out to dinner tonight – I am NOT a go out on weekday person lol … is like going out on a school night – I have routines …

      But he been sweet to me with everything so I can do that… is just out of my norm 😮

      But then I don’t date or go out so all of it out of my norm lol

      Ok well we see


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