I overthink sometimes or I am very overly cautious

Things make me nervous.

So ya know I like military guy… he’s sweet.

And he was coming at me fine – I am enjoying getting to know him – he’s funny

We see

But then ya know … with the car 🚙 🤷‍♀️ … I dunno that was little bold – I am thankful … but little bit bold to do so early on – but I get it – I wouldn’t want to see someone suffer and especially if I was able to help them. So I can see that side?

But ya know – I live in this world … so I also know motives and things so to see who someone is … is to know what you are dealing with.

He also came to see me and gave me something else 😮 he had mentioned giving to me – because he said he had and wouldn’t use… I just figured was all talk

So when he give that to me I say oh that’s too much and he said well I already told you I was going to give that to you 😐

And he still tries to impress me?? I can’t tell if that is his personality or if he has motive

He has a place somewhere I would need a passport for and he say hates going alone – he say that to me today

So ok wait…

What is happening here?

Cause ?? Hmm 🤔

He tells me we can and should go slow, always agrees …

I do think he reads my caution? Because he acts cautiously like not to make wrong move?

And we are friends – I’ve been supportive with something of his – before I started knowing him

And I think for him he needed a friend or someone at that moment? I still think he needs to heal.

And for me- well I need time to know who are once you stop trying to impress me? Time tells all

I don’t know if he is afraid of that?

He is very sweet and kind hearted if is are meant

I’m not sure what angle he has yet

Appreciate the help but I also don’t want that being?? His in??

I still want to be cautious and still want to see

I like it better when there is even and equal so I can just know simply. So we see here – I’m still guarded

All my people are all dreamy eyed when I tell them things 🫤🤨 and keep telling me to give him chance and that I am too hard on guys – no I am not

I won’t have to be hard if they are sincere and don’t play games

I’m also not sure about having a man ride in like he can save the world? Because once again let me remind you:

I can’t figure him out yet?

He’s chill – we never speak of anything inappropriate. Just life and things going on

But recently ever since the flying lunch, there has been a little ramp up in talking with me.

It feels little faster ? But when I mention caution he agrees completely and then says stuff that make me think he is ok going slowly

** sorry fell asleep writing this – going back to bed

I had other parts to add but maybe tmrw

6 thoughts on “Thinking

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    1. Well he is picking up speed with me? So I’m not sure how I feel with that?

      We are going to be having a discussion

      He’s very sweet but I don’t know him yet totally – I want the respect to know him first

      Yes time always tells 😘

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  1. I agree be cautious, you are your own woman and don’t need a knight in shining armour riding in on a white steed thinking he can save the day. Friends are all wide eyed and thinking ‘oh so romantic – HOWEVER until they have lived in your shoes they’ll never know what your eyes and mind sees.

    You don’t need a saviour or a hero but you do need an equal partner who understands you completely.

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    1. Yeah – I don’t want to feel that umm?? Dependency on a man for my own things – I don’t want that pressure – I want to be free to be as is

      Very true – I agree

      And yes I agree again lol

      We will be having discussion for sure

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    1. Caution is needed sometimes – cause people can be shady … so 🤷‍♀️ there is definitely evil in the world so best to be cautious until you know someone.

      Thank you always for your support 😊❤️

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