I just can not!!!

Alright so which debacle should I start with??

Ok … let’s do car – is easiest and I know nothing…

Had it towed to shop but they did not get a chance to check it out…

I have black funeral van.

They probably did not have enough time to get to my car – which they told me they booked – is because he has good reviews

So I will probably know more tmrw

Ok next is hair… I can not … I just can not… nope 👎 I can not

So I fix myself hopefully – we see – I wore hat all day long because I just can’t… nope 👎

So I had to go to store and try to find same as my actual color omg … I am fixing now

I will have to shower and pray to god

I can not function at all like that – I am not that type – I can’t… I just can’t

I am not an outwardly shocking person at all – I do not want any attention so no!!! I can not deal in the slightest

Is driving me insane so I can’t … it’s awful

I will wear hat to work if can’t be fixed … all I have is Red Sox or country girl lol … I would do Red Sox ❤️ of course

I need a beret or something or a wrap!! Ugh do not look at me lol ✌️ luckily I never share pictures so we good

So ok please work 🙏

Alright I am jumping in shower to see if worked or helped 🙏🙏🙏 oh please

I still have to respond and still have things to tell you but right now I just can’t – I am fixing myself lol 😘✌️

Ok off to shower and then I be back

Omg please work – I just can not!!

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  1. Hahaha, l so get that.

    Years ago [l was 35, so well over twenty years ago now] when married my wife’s sister was a hairdresser. I wanted to have grey hair like Phillip Schofield [who went grey early in life] and the sister said ‘sure no problem!’

    Except it was a huge problem because she turned me platinum blond!!! I was mortified, no grey just blond, l am no way a blondie. So even though l worked for myself l wore a baseball hat for six weeks till it grew out.

    Another time in my later 20’s [28] l had long hair down to my mid back and l was a manager of a ladies fashion store in Canterbury and at the time l was running a charity show. I went to the hairdressers and the apprentice turned my hair red the brightest bloodiest colour mankind had ever seen! I was like a walking lava volcano. Even at the height of my dandyism l never saw myself as a redhead let alone a volcanic red head and l love redhair on women! Not me.

    So as part of the charity l decided to take in donations to cut off my ponytail to raise money. It worked, we raised nearly £800 and it was cut off on the stage of the fashion show 🙂

    So l trust me l really get it 🙂

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    1. Hahaha awww 🥰 ❤️ that made me feel little better – thank you

      Yeah is way more red than I am!! But only top part – the bottom is my normal color … but I do not like that deeper red 😮😮 I don’t want to go MORE red!!

      Is so red I can not take it!! Way too noticeable and I just don’t like it… I can’t

      I feel very abnormal currently… I don’t want anyone to see or notice

      And I have web meetings 😵

      My normal color is a light auburn red – so is just right – not crazy

      This is crazy red – I can not

      Yeah I can’t – is better than was but way way more red than I normally am – I can’t – I don’t like it

      But I found something that will fix … it should come by Friday but I have to make it through Thursday and Friday – today and tmrw

      I really hate it – it’s gonna draw tons of attention even more and also is very noticeable because I am normally normal – this is not normal and no subtlety – I can not do this

      I am not a hair color person – I am good

      I am very uncomfortable with it. Very cringy to me – I just can’t

      I will have fixed ASAP!

      Thank you for this ❤️

      I have to go… ugh this is gonna be terrible with people seeing me … I am wrapping my head in scarf 🧣 or something until my coworker brings 👒

      Ugh god – I am never letting someone touch my hair again!! No way

      Every time I look in mirror I feel sick- ugh it’s bad – I literally feel sick to look in mirror omg

      Ok I have to go 👋 but thank you 😊 ❤️

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      1. See, l am like you. It’s one thing if you decide to go a colour and then that happens the way you think it will be – that’s comfortable.


        When it doesn’t go the way it should do, you can’t unsee that – it’s like seeing your parents doing it YOU CAN’T unsee that – ever – it’s just weird.

        Your current hair colour suits you now but two tone is not for the faint hearted and whilst if it was the other way around and the tips were redder – that would be an easier hide. So yep, with you on that – but you are strong ……. just don’t talk to anyone ….. and look like you are reading a paper a lot – l read indoor headscarfs are a thing this winter 🙂

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      2. Since she was going daughters hair asked me if I wanted little something for holiday? I say ok… I asked her to take out some gray that was starting near my temples

        I told her I wanted same as my hair color… it was no where near same and still isn’t

        My natural color is what it was and what’s around the bottom currently

        She literally only did top and made it massive massive massive red

        I tone it down last night and is still crazy red – kept my hoodie up all day long!!

        I have funny story though I will post shortly

        But no I did not ask for or decide crazy hair – I am not one to do anything insane or crazy.

        I do have little wild streak maybe ? But definitely not with hair – always always always same

        Wait til I tell you my story – is pretty funny lol ❤️

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