Finishing out the year


Ok – I’m ready – bring 2023!!

Ugh – just ya know 🤷‍♀️

You will not believe all the things that just happen to me!!! Omg … life … cmon!!!

Ok where to begin??? I don’t even know???

Ok let me see… well … I left work at 2:45pm and picked up daughter 1/2 hr early – for hair appt

She wanted to shower first – so we came home and she showered – I waited … her appt was at 4:30pm

So we get there 10 min early – I am a person that usually gets there early.

The she take her… and she say to me, want me to do little something for you? Umm sure , are you sure ? And she say yeah… well ok I guess

Ok so my daughter got purple highlights all over her hair lol … whatever … I tell her if you gonna do it – do it NOW!!! Before you adult and in business because then no – so go crazy now cause when enter life you will need level of professionalism in business – depending on the business

Ok well I’ve been taking my daughter to her for maybe a year now? First with first haircut… then her first streak … now several purple highlights and it looks amazing!!!!!! We don’t go too often- just when I can … and she turns 16 on the 16th

Damn – that my baby 😮 where did the time go? I blinked 😳

Anyway… so I let her do my hair too – but I didn’t really think straight 😮

My hair NORMALLY is … hmm how would I say? It is a light reddish Auburn ? 🤷‍♀️

She left my natural color on bottom – but made it way more red on top!! Omg 😱

Is like hombre? Down to my natural color … but is very red to me 😮

Ok well it will fade right? I will see what hairstyles I can do to blend it … Omg … a little too much color for me… I don’t do that ever … so this is new 😮

It’s just different – I am never different … so just need minute to get used to different 😮

It’s not totally bad or anything – I am just weird a little. Is just really red to me and then lightens into my normal hair – is just weird? I dunno? I’m sure I will be fine… I’m just weird cause is new and having little heart attack from just the difference and I like the way I looked…I’m just being weird

I’m not a person to ?? Change appearance ?? I never change appearance – I always look same… now I do not look same – I don’t know if I like this – but we see 😮

2020’s change right? 😮😳

I have been to her for awhile now – we like her a lot … we keep going back – I really like her so while we doing hair we chatting… and then she ask if I married or single

I say single – and she tell me of this restaurant place lol … is new restaurant here in town… I say “oh I have never been” …didn’t even know was there. I don’t go out so I dunno??

She say we should go out sometime 😮 hang out… she is my age-ish… I am 5 years older

So I say sure let me know – she say after first of year getting through holidays – ok

Is nothing unusual. We just have a lot in common and she single I am single – we are both into men – just different stories. So she’s not hitting on me or anything – just clarifying that – I don’t swing that way

She wants a friend – I am good friend … I just don’t go out but she lives right here in town… I could probably use a friend in town – so we see what happens

… and the story continues …

Well – since the appt was at 4:30p… we didn’t get out until 7:30? And then it was late so I stop to get dinner… but “to go” because I just wanted to get home…. She wanted to stop at store to get a purple eyeliner to match her hair 😑🤨 what???

No I’m not going out yet – wait til I am used to ✌️😘 I have not been in the light yet – only dark

So we got dinner and started to drive home… I’m like one mile away from my house … I had to stop at red light … when light turned green – I went to go… and nope 👎 car had just died 😮 oh no

Ok well – I was the first car with line behind me… most drivers were mad 😮😮😮 I didn’t know what to do – there was nothing I could do 🤷‍♀️ they mad at me

So I called the police to help me – cause what I do???

So while I waiting some had pulled into a parking lot – complete strangers … and they ran over to me and my daughter and ask if we need help and would we like them to push me? – yes please!!

And maybe about 6 people stop and push my car for me – through the intersection and into parking spot ❤️❤️❤️ I didn’t know any of them ❤️

Thank you strangers ❤️ you warm my heart – thank you ❤️ that was so touching … they don’t know me but help me

The police show up at time they pushing me – and since saw I had help / did not feel a reason to check to see if everything alright. Ahhhh what does this not surprise me? Whatever – thank god for complete strangers sometimes ❤️

And they all making sure we are ok, one even look and try to jump my engine ? Nope – it turns over

Sorta ?? It tries and all the lights on my dash light up!! 😮 but won’t start.

I had to line up a way for daughter to get to and from school … done ✔️

I had to call into work – done ✔️ (omg I am missing work 😮😮😮) omg life what are you doing???

And call AAA to come get car towed – at first they tell me 90 minutes 😑🤨… ok fine whatever … I pay for AAA and I have the one with many tow miles lol … “smart like that” 😘… ish ✌️ … I just always try to prepare … so fuck it – I will wait

But it was freezing and omg I so cold 🥶… I am buying blankets for my car!!!

It ended up being 2 & 1/2 hours 😮😮😮 omg


I had one of my coworkers come get my daughter and bring her home…

She called me every 15 minutes to make sure I was still alive and ok lol – yes I am fine – I handle things

She didn’t wanna leave me – but it was really cold … and Doby needed someone too… I be fine … I have to stay with the car

I be fine – I am mom – I’m fine – stop worrying

But was really cold and we didn’t expect

So anyway … while I was waiting … military guy call me …

A few days ago he say to me “thank you for giving me your time, I hope you give me a chance to show you how you should be treated” 😮

He also said “no pressure however degree I want him in my life – he will accept” 😮😮😮

Ok we see – ya know people say words so we see

And when all this happened last night – he wanna help

You just have to be careful with these things

He say I have extra car you can use, and I help you

I had my car towed to my house last night – and today I have to have towed to car shop to get fixed

I have AAA so towing is free with membership

Ok so I get to deal with cars again. Ugh 😑 ok

Anyway he is being very sweet but I want to be careful because I do not want to feel obligated or ??? Is still so new and he very “ let me take care of you type”

I don’t know him yet – I need it to go slow

Cause things will make me cry 🤫

So ok … today I am not working but 😮 now I deal with own shit omg – ok man up … I can do this

Ok so … fuckin here we go – fuck me

But if I stand back and look … so I had complete strangers literally stop and run to my aid 😮❤️ …did know me didn’t expect anything ❤️ my heart very warmed with that ❤️

And he is being really sweet – I’m just scared of stuff and I need time to know first…I’m gonna learn who he is really fast 😮 he’s totally respectful though when he initially call – he wanted to come right down and get me, and bring home, so we wouldn’t be cold.

I say no – you can’t do anything at this hour – I be fine

But everyone check on me and make sure I am fine

I just have to handle this now – ahhhhh holidays 🤨 I fricken hate winter

OMG bring summer NOW!!!!!!!!

Done with winter

Ok I have to go – sigh 😔

Interesting life adventure – fuckin life

Fuckin 2020’s!!!!

Ugh 😑 what is life doing? Can I just have summer?!

Ok bye 👋

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    1. Yeah right?! No kidding.

      Yeah sometimes you have to put your trust in the hands of strangers 😮😮

      Also shows pieces of humanity that the news never reports on – news only tells you bad not good.

      Ok and it begins let’s see the adventures today 😳😳😳

      I’m gonna need prayers again lol ✌️😘

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sadly yes – too bad not other way around

        Thank you 🙏 I hope so too, but is a 2008 Kia and I drove an hour back and forth with it for awhile… so I dunno – but we see 🙏

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Well there are many factors at play…

        We are a powerful nation ❤️

        But it’s not perfect

        A lot is broken within system here – many things need change …

        But ya know in this world today … the police risk their lives, and there is corruption or racism, yes they have problems

        They are not trained on certain aspects

        And then there is also the lack of new recruits ?

        Everything is political … everything!!!

        And then also …are they able to police with such scrutiny all the time? But if you don’t have that scrutiny then some be bad

        But we have so much bad stuff so we need to trust they be there – you just don’t know 🤷‍♀️ do you feel lucky?

        Just how it is?

        We have flaws like everyone – not perfect.

        They are very casual though – they do not want to be involved unless they have to

        What are your police like?? How do they act? Are yours more military like?

        You remind me of me … when I was young and we lived in Florida …

        My dad got transferred to California … I remember the image in my mind of California … Hollywood, golden streets, everything is beautiful – it’s sunny and warm all the time …

        So before I knew California … in my mind – it was this incredible paradise ❤️❤️❤️

        But ya know – anywhere you go will have some kind of issue going on?

        Our streets are not paved in gold, like I thought lol

        It does get freezing and winter is annoying!! This is not the always sunny and warm California I imagined lol

        Is just normal place lol

        Police and military are different

        We also have national guard for serious home territory issues – I wouldn’t say they are casual lol

        What are your police like? I am curious – are there lots of rules and stuff?

        Who police’s your police?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I cannot comment much on police here as I have been fortunate to never get linked with stuff involving police and things like that.

        But I do know that police here is very commanding. Like for example if they arrive at the scene, everyone else is out and they have total control. They will make sure things are proper before going away. So in that sense it’s good.

        But also I have seen and heard a lot of stuff that police are indulged in bribes and are politically motivated. Which is true because state government controls the police force. So governments change and police automatically change bosses. But government doesn’t interfere much. It’s more about some people in the police are bad and they make the complete police force look bad with them. So not perfect here as well. I think system can never be perfect. There will always be flaws but basics should be done right. 🙏🏽

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yeah I don’t like to be involved with police either

        Yes politically motivated here too – everything is politics here

        We have same issues

        Ours are commanding if you doing wrong but they forget you if you just normal.

        Which I guess is good? But when ask for help should at least check in? Right? I bet yours would

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Yeah I think they would help. But we cannot be sure of anything. Corruption and evil are everywhere and police is also not spared from it. Mostly they are good, but some issues will always be there.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Yeah no shit

        That doesn’t surprise me either but you are in big city area

        Is like that in Sacramento

        But this is small town. So 🤷‍♀️ not a scary place like a big city can be ?? We don’t have same issues out here that Sacramento has – we are far enough away … suburb of the suburbs

        Should at least make sure ok? Maybe police? 🤷‍♀️

        I don’t know what I expect to happen to call them for help?

        In Boston, back in the day… if you locked your keys in your car – the cops always had a jimmy bar and would shimmy the door open from the window and help you get your keys ❤️👏🫶

        If you needed any help of any kind – they would help!

        Once when I was secretary … there was disgruntled employee and I had to push the police button under the desk 🔴 👮‍♀️

        My lobby was suddenly flooded by police… like ants!!!

        Anyway – maybe is different now there too? 🤷‍♀️ probably


  1. GOTTA have an emergency pack, including blankies & water, in your car! Esp in your cold area! I usually add socks, sneakers, and a jacket in case I need to walk somewhere (currently not in car cause the bag was stolen – maybe I’ll replace tonight while I’m thinking about it).

    Glad all worked out okay!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes – I should do that!! That would be smart cause was freezing!!

      My problem will be – packing incase of emergency… because my mind is already racing through many things to pack in the car incase of emergency

      I am the type who wants to remember and think of every possibility 😮 mostly or try to

      Maybe if I only do 1 bag – we see – maybe I can limit ??

      Did you pack it?


      1. Yes I added shoes/socks and a light jacket. I need to get a better jacket.

        I have a generic roadside emergency kit, mini eathquake kit, and 6 gals of water on my car (I use the car trunk as my generic backup water storage).

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Wow! Impressive

        I have no stored water and no emergency kits 😮

        I have survivalist stuff … well… what I consider survivalist things lol✌️ … like portable shower and just things to make life be ok

        What is in a mini earthquake kit??

        I should definitely get a roadside emergency kit – that is a good idea

        Is that ok to do with water in summer time?


      3. I bought gallon water jugs from the market. None have leaked. I keep them in a plastic molk crate in the trunk.

        I bought the kits on amazon of redcross… the one in the car is the smallest available (1 person, w days,,or something like that). The kit in the house has more – but I know some of the emergency food should be replaced.

        You can get those silver ‘foil’ emergency blankets cheap. I know my kits have them but I also have a mexican blanket for warmth/comfort (I used to sleep in my car if I drank a lot).

        I bought a 30gal trashcan and misc products to make a full home emergency kit but never put it all together. I can’t remember if I put cat supplies in my indoor kit but I always have that stuff, and a HopeForPaws leash, in my car.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I will have to check that out. I am definitely putting a blanket in the car!!

        I’ll definitely check that out 👍👏 thank you for the info ❤️❤️


    1. Oh I am stripping it tonight. I can not even handle. I just can’t

      It’s really bad is awful – not even close

      Totally just stripping it all off – and tmrw all will be well ❤️

      I am more blend in, unnoticed … or I want that and try to be that lol

      I just can’t do something hair crazy nope I am not the type

      I am pretty conservative type? I wouldn’t say stiff (no pun meant) lol … but ya know I don’t like to vary from the safe sidewalk much

      I prefer it there ✌️

      My wild streak does not pertain to appearance 😉

      Way more conservative omg

      Yeah definitely do not like …I do not like on me at all

      Completely stripping it in a moment … before bed – I have to – I seriously can not even function properly!!! I just can’t

      I way more conservative!!!! Omg yeah

      Except in summer and only with clothing

      Never ever hair

      I like the way I looked as was

      I do not like way I currently look

      I do not like it at all!!! I don’t even wanna go outside and I wear hat and cover – I don’t wanna see anyone

      I hate it so much!! Never again

      Stripping and done ✔️

      I can’t wait!!! I want myself back 😩


      1. I forgot to suggest an “overlay” dye to correct the color – it won’t damage ypur hair. Jazzing & Adore are the major brands. Be careful if you use an amonia dye… red can turn odd colors!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It works – there was a lot of instructions and many steps … I am tired from working … so is best if just wait so I don’t fuck it up

        So tmrw I will do

        It works though … I tried it on my bangs and the hair that frames my face … and is back to my normal color ❤️❤️

        It worked perfectly ❤️ tmrw I do the rest.

        I’m so thrilled ❤️❤️❤️ me again

        Never again!!!!


      3. Ihad the same reaction to red! But I still tried auburn. It was just as bad. I saw my mother in the mirror and was not okay with it al all!! Like you, almost instant re-color!

        Glad yours worked!!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Well today I did rest of it – so much better ❤️ ahhhh

        Me again ❤️

        That was so bad!! Was awful very very drastic so nope! I am not drastic person at all and neither is my business!


      5. When I started my last job, as a blonde, 5 girls hD ombre blue hair. This new job, whete I showed up blue, only had 5 other people on site (2 women, 3men) and all are natural. Oh well!


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