Decisions & Changes

Something happened yesterday where I see true colors? I am disheartened and also disappointed.

I have been thinking things over, because something not sitting right with me or feel ok.

I’m not sleeping and having flashbacks of things – is not good.

I was very sad yesterday.

But anyway it was good because gave me incentive and reason … confirmed my thoughts … and absolutely made my decision 😮

So I will be working on that decision

Life and death have a way of showing you the way.

And then also – I already had this lesson before. Last time I stay way too long, and same here…

I always hold on thinking is just a moment or will get better – but it doesn’t

And then when you realize it – it’s more difficult

I have to learn better. I am just creature of comfort… and I don’t like tons and tons of change constantly but the 2020’s are fixing that for me.

So this change gonna be massive and life changing again.

I would see things or experience things and something was off? I wasn’t sure. Now I’m sure.

Yesterday I see clearly.

It’s just sad. But ok next.

2023 will be more massive changes but I do think for the best!! And my own sanity

We will see… but yes… I made my decision – I just have to execute it.


So we see 🙏🙏 it will be better eventually once is over and I learn the lesson again

Meh – sucky life lessons – I hate life lessons – fine whatever

I have to go… but I be back to respond and read later – it will be ok 🙏

So yeah that’s happening ✌️😮

It’s a journey ✌️

11 thoughts on “Decisions & Changes

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    1. 🥰 awww thank you very much to you and Suze for taking time to think of that!

      Yes I will transform slowly – probably not in winter 🥶 😝

      But spring yes!! 🙌👏 I’ll go slowly and see how goes ?

      Transform over time… so I know I can manage.

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