Alright well … I’m exhausted 🥱

I have 50 hours a week for past 2 weeks – whew 😅

I’m done – I’m taking Friday off – whew 😥


I saw my new found family today as I passed off their loved one… I bought them something – I always notice the tears in his eyes sometimes …

I bought him a windchime engraved with her name – so when the wind blows on their beautiful property, he can think of and remember her and think of her whispering to him through the wind 😊❤️ he loved it! I promise I am NOT a hippie lol … but I thought be thoughtful and something both for him and for her 😊


Both of us tell everyone and no one can believe it!! It’s just a crazy story – we gonna take a dna test

I was told I can do without the medical markers – and I am ok with that – as long as NO MEDICAL MaRKERs – I do not want to be denied insurance because of breast cancer

But we gonna see – where along the line are we related ?? I know we are related – he is the spitting image of my brother!! But he is social – my brother is not lol – he just looks so much like my brother ❤️ I can’t help but study his face!!

Every time I look at him – it’s almost like my brother is here!! I wish my brother lived closer


Anyway… in other news … Doby… last night we sitting on couch chillin together and all of the sudden he gets up and goes full attention… barks and growls … he stood in front of me almost like he protecting me from something and he growled for like half hour … I have a guard dog ❤️

I brought him to work after lunch time, they all say he bigger – he longer and taller …and his little butt getting bigger – he still skinny and sleek… like a racers body… but he growing

My extended family met him… and ALL the families just fall in love with him – you should see the demeanor change when they see him!!! They ALL immediately change demeanor!!! Even the hardest fall for him 😮 wow … the power of emotional support 😮

It takes away the pain of grief …

And so many tell me all about Dobermans lol ❤️


He is incredibly smart ❤️❤️ when I teach him he learns pretty quick ❤️ I am so in love with him ❤️

He has attached to me completely ❤️ Omg is he energetic constantly and always!!

He doesn’t have cropped ears but he looks like they have been cropped – I will leave them they don’t need to be touched – he is perfect as is ❤️

Someone asked me today if I was gonna crop his tail… umm no?? Is reason to? Again he is perfect as is …

And I find it absolutely delightful when I say “get your tail” and he does lol ❤️ why would I want to stop that – I love his tail ❤️ I don’t care what expectations of breed are … I love him as is ❤️ he looks fierce anyway – even without a little nub lol

The very tip of his tail has white ❤️ I’m pretty sure that means he is special 😉✌️❤️

I teach him how to sit for me, I have him potty trained now… he tells me when he has to go out but I want to get a doggie door, and put on slider for him to do himself

Tonight he snuggle with me without bites ❤️👏

He bites very gentle … but his little teeth are sharp like razor blades … when I play he is rougher

I had to switch arms I play with cause my alright side had tons of puncture wounds lol … I switched to left side and now I look like I have some kinda problem lol

Nah – just playing with a baby Doberman ❤️

Also he does this:

I be back tmrw when I have day off

I am way too tired right now… I have 50 hours this week without even working Friday 😮

I’m out ✌️

Back tmrw my eyes can’t stay open

Gnite ❤️✌️

Ps – I have more to tell you with science …


Tmrw cause I can’t anymore 💋 good night 💤

4 thoughts on “Ahhhh

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  1. There are doggie doors that are unlocked by microchips or special fog tags… prevents raccoons from getting in.

    I wonder what he alerted to! 🙀

    I think all funeral homes should have grief animals available!!

    I can’t wait to hear about the DNA results!

    I’m glad you’re getting some comp time!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ooooohhh thank you for mentioning that!!! I know there is a skunk 🦨 somewhere in the area every so often… I would die if it ever came in my house!! Good idea

      Once when married we always had dogs – small ones so small door… but once a cat named Oscar came inside and we didn’t know… I was sitting with kids and dogs one night and thought I saw a cat go upstairs – sure enough it was Oscar – I know that was his name because of his collar 😄 we called the owner lol – but I do remember that – now that you mention other things coming in 😮

      We have another funeral home with a cat 🐈‍⬛… the cat is hilarious – when we have meetings in morning – if we take too long she will casually walk and stop in front of camera of one of staff 😄😄

      I’m amazed at the change in demeanor of families suffering loss – it immediately softens them and people light up ❤️ it’s really incredible!!

      It should be a thing!!

      I can’t wait to hear about the dna 🧬 test too – I am excited to know – I am pretty positive we are related!! So is he! It’s just too much coincidences – and his family looks like mine and my family looks like his!! 😮

      I wish my actual family was still alive to see this!! They would have loved ❤️

      Totally totally totally need the downtime!! Totally overworked currently


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