The man in my life lol

I worked all day Saturday and Sunday I was dead to the world!! Omg so exhausted – I literally have zero work/life balance at moment!

But these are funny things I see yesterday…


This is my life now lol … I would never think I would fall in love with anything fierce but check me out 😮 but then I guess fierce matches me? Check him out lol

He is clingy omg – my personal space is gone gone gone 😮 … but then he is funny and quirky and like a little velociraptor 🦖 lol … those little chompers lol omg

But he so confident and strong like – totally fearless

Oh yeah and before you even get to the door of my house – he already knows you’re there… he stands at attention like this if someone coming on property lol – it’s fricken awesome!! Better than the alarm system!!! ❤️ he is never wrong 😮

I think he also thinks this:

He is so sleek ❤️👏

Never in a million years did I think I would fall in love with a Doberman 😮 typically not my type but he’s amazing ❤️

A lot of work but has already stolen my heart ❤️

He will be my last and only puppy ever lol

I love him … but is like having another baby and I do kinda miss a little personal space but whatever ❤️✌️😘

These make me laugh cause is exactly him!!!

14 thoughts on “The man in my life lol

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      1. Omg yes!! Has to check and see if anything is for him lol 🙄

        And yes … if I am out of sight for one moment – he gotta get up and find me even if I am literally right back – I’m not that exciting lol

        He likes love as soon as he wakes up – he does a big long stretch when he comes out of crate and then I say good morning and crouch down and he wants just lovin lol I have long nails 💅 so he likes that early in the morning lol

        The first bath 🛀 he didn’t like – but I do them often and now he likes it he drink bites the water 😄😄

        He smell so good after tubby ❤️ I do once a week unless he really dog stinky lol ✌️

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  1. These memes are great. Both Scrappy and dora were notorious for these and they weren’t dobies.

    Dora was the size of a lioness her brother was the size of a lion. They were wolfhounds crossed with gun-headed lans so they big, wide , tall and ready for anything! Together they were like a doberman but gentle, but not if they didn’t like you!

    Scrappy Doodle Doo was a Kelpie cross Staffy and she was a medium sized dog that was truly fierce but adorable, l am glad you have found your man at long last!

    Scrappy has this thing about ‘finding where you were’ – two occasions 1] she always found you when you were on the toilet!

    2] If Suze and l planned any ‘quiet time’, she was always there – “Er mum dad watcha doing??”

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    1. Me too ❤️

      He is very energetic and gets the zoomies sometimes 🙄😄

      I taught him couple things already – general commands

      So when we play – he knows if I have something he wants – he has to sit first lol

      He is hilarious with it – he sits with his chest all puffed out ready to catch the toy the minute I throw it lol ❤️

      Sometimes he will do a half ass sit… but I say “no sit” and he will fix that lol

      If he is already sitting and I say “sit” he will stomp his front feet like “look I’m sitting already” lol

      He’s really funny ❤️

      And then if he hears anything he deems a threat from outside – he is at attention and on it…

      And then he will sit right up against me for awhile and be at attention looking around ready to protect me

      You should see his ears Omg his little face is just so cute ❤️

      He listens and learns mostly well lol he is just about 4 months now

      Not a breed I am used to – but he is amazing!! ❤️

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