Family (and the day leading to 😮)

You would not believe my day – I don’t remember anything else to tell you – but my day today was insane!! I just have to share omg!!

Ok so… I leave Doby home and crated- he will not go potty in crate – he has huge big dog crate and he is soooo good… he is checked on and played with frequently through day if at my actual home .

So anyway – I was not going to be at funeral home in morning … I was supposed to be really fast and have all paperwork and checks and go into big city to the vital statistics dept- we have some families in another county… but is not my county anymore – but they chose us for reasons – which I will tell you as the story progresses lol omg …

To start I call the different County and ask them will they do this for me – I always am nice and they have known me for years – so he say.. yeah ok ❤️👏 I asked for counter service – come in and get right away… usually I have to wait for a currier and would not have been til next week…I only ever speak to them on phone – I have never met them… so I was excited!! 👏👏👏

So I go to start being fast so I can hurry and be back to work … which I have tons of work!!

But my morning started off with getting checks printed – I have a special check printing printer – the ink alone is $250 😮😮 for 1 cartridge!!! Is special ink – well my machine decided to die today 😮😮😮

And then there I am – under the desk all dressed up working through a spaghetti 🍝 ball of wires to make sure everything plugged and connected – which wire is which? I have no fuckin clue – not my job …

So I call help desk all frantic and was about to lose my shit lol – dude I am under the desk – I have no idea and it’s not working please help me!! Like yesterday!! you are going to see an office manager melt down!! I’m supposed to be down at county really fast!!

But whatever – they couldn’t help – how he gonna help me?? – cause we have no corp IT people here locally – they all in another state 😑- ok fine – I will solve another way…

I call another location and say – hey I’m comin in hot – I gonna do check and get printed and fly … I be fast

They say – yup no problem

Ugh so I take jam packed highways and I have only been away from city for 2 months and wow – I have adjusted to country and less traffic – plus I do not have the homeless problem anymore at new location!! And they have sooooo much homeless – I forget how bad is!!

Anyway – I come flying in … I used first computer which decided it was gonna take its time and not load for me… ugh I do not have time for this!!!

So I try second computer – same shit!! Ugh 😩 this was not going fast!!!

We call help desk and they like “well we can get in” 😐🤨 well that does ME no good – I don’t have time for this … wtf is life doing – just do the stuff I need!! And hurry up!!

So I call another location and say same thing I said to other location… and I ping pong 🏓 all over the city 🤨

Finally at last location – I get my check printed!!! ❤️ oh thank god!! Omg! Whew

So I go to health department which is in the HOOD!!!! Massive!!! Roll up the windows and don’t look at people – the area is very rough 😳😮

The entire county building and property has HUGE black iron fence all around it – inside gate is beautiful – but outside is scary – there are guards at entrance and around the parking lot

They be fast for me 👏👏❤️❤️❤️ and I got to meet the one I always talk to – ya know how you speak to someone on phone and you never meet them – but one day you do and they do not match the image you had in your mind lol 🤷‍♀️ he looked nothing like my mind imagine ?? Weird … but I so excited to know who I deal with 👏👏

Afterwards… I stop to get something to eat because it is 2pm by this time and my day was not productive!!! I was hangry from no food, being hot – having insanity…

I stopped to get food to shove in my face really quick! Ahhh much better!!

So then while I eating in funeral car … not the hearse the GiANT black van …

Oh yeah and … I also parked like an asshole – sorry ✌️ …whatever – I just pull in and that’s how it sat … I needed a break! I need to stop being everywhere for minute – so sorry about being asshole for minute

While I was eating – I message the people and say – guess what I have …

Guess which people this is?? Omg is my family family 😮😮

So I meet them at their house which was huge and right on one of our rivers 😮😮😮😮😮 stunning views! Omg

So I texted and say – ok I think I am here … I step out… and he is at top of stairs to house … oh my god!!! He look just like my brother omg !! I look like his family too!!!

We have same white soft looking, red freckly skin omg!!! His eyes were like my brothers – he look just like my brother!! Omg – he had crystal blue eyes like my brother – he just loved my red hair – which I dunno is more auburnish just light… but whatever everyone says is red – maybe I am color blind? 🤷‍♀️ literally everyone says red – and then ALL my freckles – those don’t help my argument lol

And we just talk about family and it’s awesome and we are all excited – even my brother whom I excitedly call and tell about this … even he who is always reserved with everything – is excited hearing everything …

Look what life do… I’m pretty sure – like pretty positive he is family – look how life has people cross your life –

And he say you in my circle now lol – absolutely 👏❤️

I ask… how come my place way far away? It was the loved one he lost – loved my area … wanted my county… had roots there – but death was in big city county …is place of death that determines which county handles

But look how life did!!

When he speaks of loved one – he chokes up, tears and needs a minute to not cry… but then we so excited to talk about family and after seeing him OmG!! He is spitting image of my brother

We took a pic together – and it would look like we 😮😮 brother and sister … we have same eyes – same nose… same skin!! Same a lot of things – it’s nuts!!! Omg 🤯

It is mind blowing 🤯

It’s just nuts – his whole family excited to meet me – it just nuts !!!

Look what life did!! Death with a new beginning to help through that!! Was that the loved one’s spirit? Ya know – making sure ones left behind not crushed completely – added a glimmer of exciting so was not all crying? Is kinda beautiful!! ❤️

My blood 🩸 is coming back into my life 😮 I wonder how far back is where we related?? It’s insane

Anyway – mind blow 🤯😮👏👏👏

I spoke to my location and they say – ok don’t sit and hang out… lol … who me? Lol

But I pull up and there is this 😮

And a huge beautiful mansion house – that is the edge of the drive way 😮😮 Omg

And then he walked out .. and he look like my brother … 😮😮😮😮

And instantly my mind said – eh fuck it – you have a lot of overtime and you went through hell today so – fuck it … I stay for little while and we chat and laugh!! I hung out lol 👏👏👏

I just felt it was a life moment – a moment you didn’t wanna miss … so took it 👏👏👏

I make it back to my funeral home literally at 5pm – I was gonna work late – but fuck it – I’m done

What a day!!

Well anyway – was quite the day and I am so exhausted so I will respond and read later or what day are we on? I will see – I be back at some point – I need sleep!

Life is putting family back 😮❤️ he has both sides the same – both my mom and my dad is same lineage as him!!


One thing that makes me sad… is that so bad I want to tell my family!! My mom would have been delighted by this and my dad would have been reserved but curious … my grandfather would have been all about it – and my grandmother would be suspicious and not believe lol

I just wish I could tell them – I tell my brother ❤️

Oh yeah – not only does he look like my brother – they have same name 😮😮 first and last lol 😮

My brother says “must be really cool guy” lol 🙄

Yes he is – it’s very cool 👏🙌❤️

Or is my family giving me family back?

And what are the chances of all this?? Just all the circumstances lead to here. Just blows my mind – my mind was completely blown today!! 😮

8 thoughts on “Family (and the day leading to 😮)

Add yours

    1. Yes totally! 👏👏

      It’s really crazy how much he looks like my brother – and then to have same names as me!

      Is nuts to think – from Ireland 🇮🇪… we meet here and his fathers family is same as mine and his mothers family is same as mine and we look alike!!

      If I didn’t know anything and met him – I would be stunned how much he look like my brother!! I can’t get over it!!

      I wish so bad my family here to tell but I just only have my brother

      I would do dna test but I worry about who has access to that… just because I’ve had cancer and don’t want insurance companies to ever deny me due to that – I do not trust these things – but I am soooo curious!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes!! I couldn’t be more convinced with someone – he felt familiar – I can’t explain it

        But to have his father with my fathers side …

        And his mothers side is same as my side!!

        It’s erie!! Yes I am very sure – it’s crazy

        My brother took a dna test through one of the companies – I wonder if they have – I will have to ask and see 😮 (I just don’t wanna do it because of the breast cancer – until there is privacy laws with it)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahaha – eh he already open that can of worms with part of family we have that we didn’t know about – those ones are in Canada … that was mystery we had from the Lithuanian side not the Irish lol

        This new one is the Irish lol – we shall see lol 😘✌️

        My grandfather would have just been sooo excited with this!!

        Liked by 1 person

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