Straining the system

This just came over all loud like Amber Alert:

And then that makes me mad… if you can’t handle energy usage right now …

How in the hell you gonna switch us to electric cars

You are out of your mind – no way they ready to handle

I am sure it would be way more expensive than gas!! My electric bill is high NoW… so how it gonna be adding a car on that? You are outta your mind California

Yeah I’m like not doing that.

3 thoughts on “Straining the system

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    1. Ha! Yeah see!! They out of their minds. They will have massive push back. Ugh 😑

      Is supposed to be for good of humankind – but they don’t know how to do shit and all they do is mess everything up REALLY bad like it’s a competition or something – who can F shit up the best? 🤨

      There is no way they could handle everyone in electric cars – they are out of their minds – people can’t afford that anyway.

      Reduce consumption 🙄 – how about prepare their shit so they can handle and I do not like being at their mercy with an electric bill they probably be greedy and shady with

      I am also tired of government stupid shit – they are not realistic and seem to have zero idea how to do anything or how to prioritize what?

      Maybe homeless first!! ?? They only think of money for themselves that’s all this is.

      And look how that would cripple the world – ha – as if!

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