Double or nothin ✌️

Ok so I get a text… someone knows my name – whatever – many people do.

But they were not already in my phone and they say they want to buy my house and would I consider selling.

They tell me nothing about them self or even a name … so I can’t be bothered to respond

If you that interested tell more info. Who you are – why you want… why you contact me for THIS house

And … I’m sorry I just bought this house and have you seen the world now? You want my house? It gonna be double … cause I’ll have to buy new place and interest rates insane – hello I live in Cali!!

So you want this? It will seriously be over $1 mil so they would not agree to that I am sure. But that’s the price.

Have I considered selling ? I will consider if your price high enough – what you got? Not entertaining dumb offers ✌️

Still not responding though – when they provide more info… maybe.

Otherwise screw that.

Double or nothin ✌️😘

12 thoughts on “Double or nothin ✌️

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      1. Yeah is not allowing me to see… says
        Video unavailable :
        video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country or © copyright grounds

        Hahaha but yes I know the one you speak of. ❤️ love blonde … also have a heart of glass lol ✌️

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      2. Hahaha well I do not put anything past people and fetishes.

        I can not imagine it in this heat though – Not at 115! Nope

        Maybe make the bubble wrap a slip n slide and then it sounds better ✌️

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