So… We are doing really good 😊… so far 🙏

So far so good.

I met higher management today – I think they liked us ❤️🙏 they were delightful and spent some time with us …

I thought just be corporate shirts but they were cool 😎 we liked them too ❤️ I work for great company

Good people ❤️

Death – who knew you would find amazing people in that industry – but it makes sense because they are thoughtful and kind and caring – seriously about the families…

So many attributes of these people are rare. They care for others. Make sure taken care of and family is ok… so of course they be pretty amazing people ❤️

Some are buttheads sometimes but whatever – we all quirky ✌️ is like family

You know the story about “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”? Who doesn’t right?

We are kind of the island of misfit toys lol

Just because we have these gifts or talents with this industry… we each have story to how came to be there. Is always a deep story, yeah even mine.

It’s just a tight knit industry – is not for everyone – we do things people could not always be able to do – we keep composure with it – except when is your mother – then no!!

We just have many many wonderful characters ❤️

We are characters – funeral people are FULL of character!! Omg you don’t even know!!

Yeah – love the job! For many aspects!

My vacations are very different than work lol – Omg …because I do love vacations – but I do also love my job everyday – and my people make that ❤️

So anyway…

Not to mention – I have plan to earn trust of community ❤️ so… is already happening ❤️

We have really been working hard.

I have a kick ass little firey team…

You just have to meet us – but no one wants to … not really a good thing when you “have” to come to us, and no one wants to talk to us unless they have to 🤷‍♀️… so the world doesn’t know how incredible they are…

… unless you need us – then you know we comforting and empathetic – but you do not see the everyday amazing character and usually you are grieving when you come to us – you are not noticing us, and we are there to help you.

But yeah we all have character lol 🙌 … I sorta have character 🤷‍♀️ 🤫

Just sometimes it comes out, I do try to just keep it on down low but then I also have little tiny fire going always … I am careful with it. I like to be quiet with it. I tone it down because you can’t touch this… see character lol 😘

I am playful but also serious. Have a funny sense of humor to myself lol 😘✌️ so whatever – works for me 👏

So … one thing … remember I went silent? Ok… it was here so… and I’ve been very very silent all this time… so is little weird

I keep to self because they were I dunno? Was different in Sacramento – I was able to stand up because of Sacramento ❤️

So we see how I stand here 😳

This place is clicky…. So ya know – I don’t really fit into clicks or clubs or things ?? I am not that type

Is like I am on a distant unfriendly planet … I have to join alliances lol … ok so I figure that out then

I have every confidence 😊❤️

But … I dunno .. I did have some fear today – you know that fear that sends you to panic? I dunno

It’s probably nothing, just because ?? But I think ex might be watching me or checking on me – so with this attention that is not good and that give me fear – because he is satan. I still fear him because he is that bad – so shhhh – we do not talk about that.

But let me just keep that noted. I just hate him but whatever … ugh 😑.. and then I question – how did I ever pick someone so purely evil? let’s just not – I am not ready to speak of, nor do I want to. It makes my heart pound and feels very bad. So bleh

So anyway – yup I am slight bit of character lol

But I see many who are too – I’m just saying no one sees ours ✌️😘

Usually – but I tend to draw attention if I do not keep lid on it – I forgot about things – I forgot satan sorta

I just drew attention so I just worry. Just saying – not big deal- only for me to worry. It be fine I’m sure – but we will just still make a mention to have there – if is nothing – then great! No worries…

If anything then – I just make mention

I just forgot about being on the radar.

So I am gonna worry with the balance too. And then also my silence – I have to step very carefully with that. Pretty sure I have good footing – but it’s a panic or stress trigger so ya know – the sound of silence …

So here is my life test – we see

We see how strong my character is 😮😳 oh boy

We see 💋

2 thoughts on “Character

Add yours

    1. Yes… but I just found them on my journey through life – I was lucky 🍀

      The moments in my life lead me to find them and at time of need… so

      Is reason they come in my life and I found them ❤️

      If my life did not take the turns that it did, I would not have them 😮

      And also… the power of humanity when it is uplifting, supportive and encouraging

      And you build your own village of people you come across in life – you keep the strong encouraging ones who will uplift your spirit and keep your head up always .

      Strength 😘

      So anyway yes it does help ❤️ is safer and warmer.

      I hope you also have people like that in your life? 🙏

      Life will bring you the people you need when you need them 😊❤️ you just have to be patient and then maybe sometimes take risks? Ish … small ones lol

      Life will push you 🙄😑

      You have to pick the life you want and then also build a good strong village ❤️ build a life 🙌

      But yeah I guess the world is really bad now?? I don’t watch news and only stick to movies or shows but that is even rare

      I’m not really participating in society 🤷‍♀️

      But everyone say to me lately … “ugh this world”

      So people getting exhausted by the world I guess?

      The world is headed for burn out … social media and media fuels it.

      Anyway yes I have wonderful people ❤️ chose wisely but be open. You don’t know who might be really amazing!!

      God bless you too 😊✌️

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