Big big energy

I am getting compassion and resumes … even though they take me down ❤️

So, that’s cool. I’ve talked to few people and many seem awesome so we will see

I will meet them next week in interviews. I’m excited 😊 but we see

But yeah even with nothing out there – they coming in ❤️ and people always comment that they hope I am ok and they are sorry I had to have others say such angry things.

But it’s ok, they can say whatever words they want… I don’t care what someone thinks of me, I care how we serve the families.

So whatever – you can judge – whatever

People will always always always judge. Always!

So whatever

Do as you wish. You never going to make some people happy so why try. What you care what anyone else thinks? Life too short

Believe in self and do what think is right. So whatever, they can say whatever they want.

Plus it helps I have my own village ❤️😘 … my peeps are just amazing always – so the angry people do not really effect me because I have my village ❤️

Having a village helps!!! Build a village!

Anyway so hopefully goes well 🙏🙏 the interested ones I talk to – seem excited lol

One said – she felt was a calling – so we gonna see

Let’s see what I get

Also… my big city that I wanted to run from because doesn’t have the peace that the country scene has… but the city has other things, that the country doesn’t

In the city – you a small fish in big ocean… you blend … you are accepted because everyone in the city slightly crazy lol ❤️ is mix of everything in big city – we can all freely be who are ❤️

They are kind and helpful and caring people generally and mostly.

In the country … you are bigger fish in smaller pond … and they are more mean and suspicious in country… there is not hospitality or kindness – only some

In country – they want to tear people down

In city – they care and build you up

Country is so brutal. 😔

I’m not sad because effects me, but because that’s what people do to others and then you wonder why world this way??

I wonder if they go to church or claim to be such a good person?

I would be curious how they portray themselves to be.

It definitely shows you who someone is.

This is why social media is awful thing – what you think that would do to someone without a village? or if they not strong?

And then you wonder why suicide rates high

What awful thing to do to another human being

How much do you portray something different than are ?

Other than that… just another crazy day.

Oh and for the ones who interested and have no funeral experience – is hard to explain to them the job … you have to meet us and we have to teach and show you ??

I can say things but unless you in the thick of it – I don’t know you would understand my words fully??

Also I am from Big city so is crazier in city

I forget this town is sleepy little town. I have big city energy 😮

Not pertaining to funerals but – pertaining to energy … I have big big energy with things ✌️

Not when I come home though lol – then I am exhausted, because I spent all my big big energy lol

Country energy is not same – they seem more like this:

I fit in city – but I want the country… just not for the mean people – I want the peace ❤️

Anyway… learning lessons we see 🙏

Sometimes I kinda think back to the times when I almost lost my life? Was few times even from when was child to adult … but then I didn’t die

It was not my time.

Why didn’t I die? So 🤷‍♀️ I dunno – I just think of that sometimes – why keep me to make me go through so much? So I dunno? Either I am not learning lessons or I am meant for something… or I am just lucky ? I do not know

You just think of it sometimes

Well I do

Well alright – have a good night 🌙😴💤

I need to recharge that big big energy lol

People should be more kind and supportive to each other!

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    1. They were ONLY mad because my post was vague ..

      I said very point blank :

      Hello – if anyone in local area is looking for a job, I have two. If you are interested message me, and I will send you info.

      I didn’t ask for any replies – I added what generally I needed in a person

      But I never say what was unless you message me… but I respond to everyone who ask right away

      They blew me up saying I was a scam, even when clearly I was not. They just wanted to cause trouble that’s all

      Then others started sticking up for me and it became this HUGE thing

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      1. People overreact at the slightest things these day. Others are looking for issues to pick fault with.

        Over here however there are a lot of real scams that start like your advert did.

        It always comes down to ‘how’ a person wishes to interpret.


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      2. Well whatever – I took a chance of being murdered with a Craigslist ad for place to live on ranch … I was not murdered and I have amazing things in my life because of her ❤️ she help me be so strong ❤️

        So whatever – don’t wanna talk to me – then don’t

        No offense taken – but those who do … I send the info.

        So whatever – watch for scams but I was responding to anyone who ask for info right away. I was being honest

        If don’t want to know and not interested in asking, not a problem for me. I just make offer

        That’s all – I would love to have community oriented funeral home so … we see

        Think whatever you wish about me – don’t really care … this is business … I need the best so I looking for that – this is for their families! And I was nothing but polite and respectful never saying anything bad!!

        If they wanna judge me for whatever reason – then go ahead

        It was like mean girls! 😮😮

        But some might be worth it? We see 🙏

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    2. I stay silent mostly – but never ever say anything rude or bad or disrespectful – kept only saying I have a few jobs available- if wish I can send info

      They call me carnival shyster, fraud, scammer… brutally say things without being provoked ?? Or I don’t understand ?

      Then others started sticking up for me and messaging me

      Ugh 😑

      So just the ugliness of humanity

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      1. Yeah it was – but whatever

        Like I said – I can give 2 shits what they want to think of me…

        My goal is to take care of families and find the best person avail to provide that and own this area lol (sorry am strong woman lol )

        So… not self righteous … just strong so they can think or believe whatever they want – they will anyway so whatever

        I have my own village ❤️ amazing people who make me smile every day – I love them

        I love Sacramento – it was always kind and where I stood up – sac was uplifting and strong

        This place … I dunno – country – they harder – not accepting – very judgmental

        You see everything in city … so much mix of everything … everyone stands out so that is sorta normal lol

        In country they are not supportive or really that kind?

        Some are and my former landlord/family lol ❤️… she is country and she have beautiful heart

        So is not all. Just some.

        But yeah was kinda disgusting to see grown adults doing that?? To another person?

        That is what bother me – that no matter who was – they felt ok saying those things – and they were really mean

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      2. Yes, I know – I just forgot how brutal

        And bullying supposed to NOT be a thing – but many people do it

        Well if you put anger and bitterness out there – that’s what will come back to you

        The world won’t get better at all if people aren’t good to each other or at least decent

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      3. Do you know Trisha? I think many people simply don’t want to get the world better. I have seen more absolutely attrocious behaviour from people since the twenties arrived. it just makes me think that people are becoming more aggressive, selfish and brutal in the way they are.

        I am not tarring everyone with the same brush, but from an observers point of view the so called nasty minority % seemingly is becoming more of a majority percentage of people now.

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      4. Yes but I think came on earlier with Trump – 2016

        Sorry but I do

        And then add Covid and here we are

        We forget goodwill toward men and instead something wicked this way comes 😮

        I just don’t understand why? What is it?

        I usually stay away from everything, very strong reason why


      1. No – in general words? Way I do sentences – I going fast – yes I am going to take some liberties of my own – understand me or not ?

        Especially on my days off – but any text I send to my groups are quick and to point – this is what we need/want

        I dunno ? My way of saying things? I dunno 🤷‍♀️

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      2. Well I do not think so … I think I speak perfectly 🙌 a blend of the entire United States lol

        I do not hear an accent on me

        But they didn’t hear me speak – is how I say things in general – like maybe here? I do leave out words if I know you will figure out … cause I going fast… time is of the essence lol

        I don’t really know

        Would matter if I have accent? What if I do?

        You would have massive accent to me

        I work with a man who is Indian – omg He is so funny!! He is awesome!! 👏

        So normally I have no problem understanding him with his accent …

        But then when he telling me a story and gets all excited he starts talking faster and faster and then loses me completely ❤️ but he is adorable so much… he has best personality! Very sweet and … kind of has an innocence to him? I dunno?

        Great sense of humor

        What does accent matter? Anyone from another place even within United States gonna have some kinda accent

        I dunno, I don’t always use proper English I guess ?? Whatever – I really don’t care …

        Let’s see them come do what we do – they want job or not ?

        Also I am maybe very blunt like that?

        I don’t do negativity or judgement so whatever… you do you

        Someone call me self righteous … whatever … I am not self righteous

        Funny and maybe little cocky with stuff sometimes – but I am definitely not self righteous

        Correction – strong woman ✌️

        I do not belittle or make anyone feel bad or even say things like that! Ever!

        They not even ask me for info – or anything

        But like I said… some stuck up for me

        Many actually – many were kind ❤️

        I have a few I am excited about meeting ❤️

        But yeah – why would an accent matter? Is still human being

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  1. I’m glad to read that you’re able to blow off the opinions of rude strangers. How angry must a person be IRL to laah put like that online? Their souls must hurt all the time.

    Good luck with your candidates! I hope you find simeone who fits!!

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    1. It’s only because I have such awesome people behind me, who do know me and accept me ❤️

      But yes I think same thing

      However – I do believe things happen for reason? So I think there might be a reason – I think I am supposed to maybe help someone?

      Someone in need came to me

      At first with inquiry for job… so I send info and tell little about the job.

      And then, she stuck up for me and also said really nice things about me.

      Anyway – she then sent me private message apologizing for people and making sure I was ok 😊

      So we been talking – her story somewhat similar to mine.

      Sometimes in life things occur to shine light on other things ?

      We see

      She in need of a friend. Probably more than a job? She say just true honest friend, I am true honest friend person lol ✌️

      But in beginning she tell me the people have been kind to her…

      I think she realizes people?

      Some be friends but be fake friends.

      I think she questions if they truly good people.

      People were there for me, I think she wants a village 😘✌️it makes you strong

      So we see. I will meet her and see

      But maybe happens for reason?


      1. Yeah, I’ve experienced a lot of that in life too. Had to learn it wasn’t always my job to be someone’s support solely because I could.

        People who’ve bee oppressed/hurt are far better at realizing it’s happening to someone else and to support them.

        I got the same sort of education after going through several hospitalizations alone. Later a friend asked for a dropoff for something and when I realized he’d be alone I refused to leave till he was released. At first he was annoyed, cause he was trying to hide what was being done. But ine he gave up, he was happy to be able to talk about it and to have me around to pick up post-procedure supplies. People who have support networks/family don’t realize how difficult things can be for those of us who don’t.

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      2. Yes is the support that makes all the difference!

        Well normally I am loner type person – very quiet (ish) kinda keep to self, work hard.

        But this job and these people are different ❤️ is just different than rest of world and things

        We just very supportive and loving and protective of each other ❤️ I always know they have my back ❤️ I am solid and secure with them – consider them friends

        And I have other girl friends and guy friends outside of funerals.

        I just have really good friends ❤️

        I know who my real friends are!! It does help

        I didn’t know who real friends were before / I do now ❤️

        I also know what like to not have that though / I built that after going through that… but I was also lucky with people I find ❤️

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