No wonder people hate Americans – ok we are not all that way… not all of us are mean and attack. Is it just us? Or other countries too??

I totally totally totally remember now, I remember after all the trauma and cancer – I remember just going to middle of nowhere and turning off the world 😮😮🙌

I remember now.

The city is much friendlier believe it or not… very much … much more accepting and kind… no wonder I love and miss so much ❤️

Funny because country people supposed to be very kind and hospitable ? I don’t see that?

There is some who very kind.

And the ones who aren’t – just bring me attention ❤️👏👏👏 I didn’t think I wanted it – but yeah I’ll take it ❤️❤️❤️

I am actually kinda liking it … well not to be crucified – but yes – I like the attention to get me resumes…

So go ahead … that’s right … bring me attention 😮😮 … omg what is happening???

lol … but yeah ok – I’ll take that – thank you very much ❤️

** silver linings **

I am very good at what I do.

So go ahead – you can make your judgement

I do funerals – what you see is calm and chill and respectful … but when you not around … that shit can be crazy! We just make appear all nice and chill … but everything has to be perfect – and we protectionists with details … whew – so yeah you have to bring a fire. I need a team with a fire so we can pull it all off! I want to be know for being amazing so… can just let me find amazing people please

Anyway. They should be lucky I care to offer – I didn’t have to do it that way at all. I should have known better …

But… again… now you know me 😘✌️

Whew ok so attention … alright bring it please and thank you – I do nothing wrong ever. I stay away from everything

So whatever – but taking care of their loved one is my life … and yet they crucify 😮 because I offer a job and tell to “contact” me if interested. If ask, I give details. If want job, send me resume…

And they just attack for that???

So we see. I have few resumes

Otherwise we just have ad sit there – now I have attention … I get resumes … you know who am now lol … that’s right know me 💋 lol

Just kidding (little bit) but sometimes it’s a little fun to be little cocky like that – I just getting a lot of attention – dang lol …. Balance. – I can find areas to enjoy – maybe – we see

Who would have thought it be this lol – well alright then.

Some will know I am passionate and trying to do for community.

Others can just crucify and give me attention then

Is for good cause anyway.

It’s rough being the soul target though 🎯 😮 I did nothing wrong

So whatever – don’t like me, don’t read me. You don’t have to pay any mind to what I say… who am I? … but they make it all big …

So here I am ✌️

I will probably get beaten down eventually – but ok

I do believe in self and what do, and I also care.

But ok – you do you ✌️😘

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