Yeah I dunno

I don’t know if I ok with so much attention

There is mostly good, but there are ones who crucify me for my “mysteriousness”

I am respecting the business and families we currently serving.

But whatever – go ahead – judge me

My focus is our families – if you want to judge me for offering a job then whatever – pass anyway

I don’t make any negative comments. I keep level headed and chill – I work very hard and even on my days off I answering their questions

Humanity is awful in some 😮 they absolutely crucify

I’m sorry if you find me offensive because I say to message me if need job – what is wrong with that?

But whatever – I have attention – so we see

I’m not really very comfortable on public trial but whatever

Some are respectful and kind

I find a couple I really like!! ❤️🙏 I might find a diamond!! I want to try and see – I tired of not finding someone regular ways

Did not expect to be crucified by some – damn – watch your manners!! Attack much?

Not what I need or want so whatever

If was their loved one – they would appreciate me trying to find amazing – but whatever people like to bitch a lot 😮 just to make problems or something?

Are they that miserable? I say it’s this social media… look at the behavior

So whatever

I work hard – this not a normal business – wanna crucify me whatever

All because they not like my mystery

Ok well hello – cause people attack!!

I say I have job / if want message me…. Very simple

You ask, I send info, I reply – on my days off mind you.

So whatever – humanity very sad

I also see wonderful people though 😊❤️ some are kind and stick up for… they brave and very kind – appreciate

Some are funny ❤️ good sense of humor – I want that … that is quality that be good here … be mature but also be able to keep balance.

Anyway / there are some really great people – and some really awful people too.

The ones who crucify me never ask me for info, only judge me… they never interested … they just felt need to be really mean

So whatever – could be your family I help – so would you like that to be just a job to me? Or would you prefer I care?

When you walk in my shoes – you may judge who I am. When you ask me questions you can make up own mind

I am no stranger to being judged – whatever

People are rude – why they so rude?? Just about done with this – I ain’t got time for this shit!

You want or not? If not – why comment ?

Whatever – rude!

Can not handle themselves omg – I definitely do not want that!!

Why they be so rude? And then some literally judge me on every single thing – how I speak, how I post, how I do… ok well whatever

Go ahead – judge me

Believe in me or not – whatever

Humanity makes me sad – I remember why I leave Society & social media

I forgot – my bad 😢

I remember now

6 thoughts on “Yeah I dunno

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  1. Most of that is because of social media only. If they are face to face, majority won’t be that mean. They just think they are anonymous online so they can speak whatever they want. They have sad lives and they are mean to others online.

    World is in a very sad state to be honest.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I suppose but that doesn’t give a right to belittle or bring down others.

      But whatever – they not worth my time and not what I looking for.

      How sad to treat others so badly 😔

      Liked by 1 person

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